Rays 2012 Top 50 Prospect Shuffle Challenge

As we prepare to launch into the inaugural Rays Top 50 Prospect Shuffle, we are pleased to announce that there will be a companion contest for readers to participate in. There will be several prizes offered during the unveiling of the rankings and we have all of the details inside. Also inside you can find the schedule for the publication of the prospect profiles that will reveal our Top 50.

First off, I want to apologize for getting the proceedings off to a late start. It was my intention to have a profile for Prospect #33 posted this morning, but then I got a hold of a bunch of new scouting reports late last night and decided I needed to tweak the rankings slightly based off of some new information. I'm good to go now, so the first profile will be up shortly after this.

The delay isn't a bad thing though, as it gives me an opportunity to share two more pieces of news pertaining to our prospect rankings. The first is a contest for correctly guessing our 2012 Top 50 Prospect list, and the other is the schedule for the next two months for the publication of prospect profiles that will eventually unveil our final rankings.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can get up to speed with the Rays Top 50 Prospects Shuffle: Preview

Here are all the details on the contest rules and prizes:

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Rays 2012 Top 50 Prospect Shuffle Challenge

Contest Rules

1) The contest will take place exclusively on the Rays Digest forums at this link: Rays 2012 Top 50 Prospect Shuffle Challenge. Entries will not be excepted any other way (e-mail, FaceBook, etc.).

2) To qualify to win one of the prizes you must submit a Rays Top 50 Prospect list at the above link. Only complete entries will be eligible, so make sure you number your list and don't skip a position.

3) The deadline for submissions will be midnight ET on January 8th. You will see from the schedule below that that date will be the halfway point of our prospect profiles. This means that if you wait until the last day to submit your picks you will be guaranteed of having 25 correct.

Since we are unveiling the list in random order, some forum members may have enough information from our prospect puzzle to make an educated guess at where other players might fit in. You are free to take a stab at making a list before then however.

4) The winning entry will be the forum member who places the most amount players in the correct order in their Rays Top 50 Prospects rankings submission. Keep in mind that it is not only the players selected that matter, but WHERE you place them in your entry that will determine the winner. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the entry with the most accuracy starting from the top of their list. EX: Member A and Member B both have 36 spots on their list correct, but Player A missed #3 while Player B had it right...Player B would be the winner.

Contest Prizes

1 Grand Prize---An Annual Pass to Rays Digest and a 6 month subscription to Baseball America: Digital Edition.

2) Second Place---An Annual Pass to Rays Digest. (see bottom for what is included in subscription)

If one of the winner's is a current subscriber, then we will renew that subscription when it expires.

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Rays 2012 Top 50 Prospect Shuffle Schedule

Player profiles will alternate between being available to all readers and being premium content. In the following schedule you can see which dates are premium and below that is information on how to become a subscriber and what a subscription includes.

Keep this page bookmarked because I will be updating it daily with a link to each day's profile, as well as posting another ranking number on the schedule.

12/7 Prospect Profile #33 LHP Grayson Garvin (free)
12/8 Prospect Profile #49 OF Kyeong Kang (premium)
12/9 Prospect Profile #10 RHP Chris Archer (free)
12/11 Prospect Profile #31 RHP Jake Thompson (premium)
12/12 Prospect Profile #18 RHP Lenny Linsky (free)
12/13-12/21 No Prospect Profiles
12/22 Prospect Profile #9 RHP Alexander Colome (premium)
12/23-1/2 No Prospect Profiles. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
1/3 Prospect Profile #16 OF Josh Sale (free)
1/4 Prospect Profile #30 (premium)
1/5 Prospect Profile #24 (free)
1/6 Prospect Profile #46 (premium)
1/7 Prospect Profile #34 (free)
1/8 Prospect Profile #5 (premium)
1/9 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/10 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/11 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/12 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/13 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/14 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/15 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/16 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/17 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/18 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/19 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/20 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/21 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/22 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/23 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/24 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/25 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/26 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/27 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/28 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/29 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
1/30 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
1/31 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/1 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/2 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/3 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/4 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/5 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/6 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/7 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/8 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/9 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/10 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/11 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/12 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/13 Prospect Profile # ? (premium)
2/14 Prospect Profile # ? (free)
2/15 Rays Top 50 Prospect Challenge Wrap-Up, Final Rankings, and Contest Winner Announcements (free)


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