2012 MLB Draft Q & A: Kyle Twomey

The Rays Digest 2012 MLB Draft Q & A series continues with Kyle Twomey, a southpaw out of El Dorado High School in Plancentia, California. He is ranked 91st in Frankie Piliere's Top 100 Draft Prospects. Inside he discusses his own pitching, his decision to go to USC and the chances he skips college to sign a professional contract.

Rays Digest: What pitches do you throw? What do you think is your best pitch?

Kyle Twomey: I throw a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball, a circle change, a curveball and I've been messing around with a cutter, trying to add that fifth pitch. The pitch that I throw the most is the two-seamer. It's got a little bit of a run, down and away from righties. That's the pitch that I throw most often during games because I feel like I can increase the chances that someone gets in their path when it's running away from them.

Rays Digest: What can you say about the way you pitch? What would a scouting report on you look like?

Kyle Twomey: I try to be real loose; "loosey goosey" is kind of my motto. I try to be as easy as I can in my delivery, as fluid as possible while still trying to let the ball explode out of my hand. I don't have a real quick or fast delivery, it's pretty average, but I try to load up and from there I try to get down the mound with good flexibility and a loose arm and let the ball kind of explode out of my hand.

Rays Digest: What are you trying to improve about your pitching?

Kyle Twomey: I'd say establishing the off-speeds for strikes and throwing consistent off-speed pitches. Being able to locate the changeup on both sides of the plate as well as the cutter, and throwing the curveball with better velocity. It's gotten better, it's got pretty good depth right now, it does what I want it to do from top to bottom, but it's just not as hard as I'd like it to be. It's more kind of sweepy right now as opposed to sharp and kind of explosive, so I'm trying to get that to be a little bit harder and more snappy, snapping down in the zone. If I can execute the change on both sides of the plate, the cutter inside and a two-seam away, that's what I want to touch on. I know that's going to take some experience and a lot of time in the bullpen, but If I can touch upon that stuff I feel like I have a chance to be real successful.

Rays Digest: You have committed to the University of Southern California. Why did you decide to stay local and sign with USC?

Kyle Twomey: I was always real interested in USC. I was always a fan as a kid, and it kind of fit right into the plan. I was very fortunate to be scouted by them pretty early; my sophomore year I started talking to them and I ended up verbally committing junior year. I think it's just the campus and the location, and then playing in the Pac-12. That was always kind of a dream of mine, to be able to participate in the Pac-12, and there's nowhere I'd rather be than Southern California. So putting those two together it was a pretty easy decision. They have very good academics as well, it's a school I know I'll be able to have a lot of connections out of if I graduate and be successful.

Rays Digest: How set are you on going to college? What would it take from a professional team for you to sign a contract instead of going to college?

Kyle Twomey: I'm very excited about attending there. I would have to be a pretty high selection to take me away from USC. I think both routes are fantastic and I'm excited about the opportunity to maybe become a professional or to pursue that career at USC. I think for sure it would have to be a very high selection, and obviously money is always a factor. If I can have enough money to live and survive comfortably for a duration in the minor leagues, if I got the money to do that, that would be enough to take me away.

Rays Digest: Do you have a favorite team that you dream to play for? Is there any player you look up to or model your game after?

Kyle Twomey: There's not really a favorite team, I'm kind of a fan of all teams. I obviously love the Angels growing up in Southern California but I've really always been a fan of the Yankees. Derek Jeter has been the role model for me since I was a young kid, he's been my favorite player, just the way he conducts his business both off the field and on the field. The way he plays the game I think separates him from other players. From a pitching perspective, C.J. Wilson is kind of my guy. I've loved watching him pitch for the last five or six years, and now that he's an Angel I've definitely become even more interested in that. He's been the role model on the mound and Jeter's always kind of been the player I model my game after.

Rays Digest: What interests do you have outside of baseball?

Kyle Twomey: I love golf. Golf is probably my biggest hobby, outside of baseball it's the thing I find myself doing the most. Going to the beach would probably be number two, I love being by the beach.


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