AUDIO + QUOTES: Tony Creecy And Art Norman

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Here is a collection of audio and quotes from NC State seniors Tony Creecy and Art Norman at the 2014 ACC Football Kickoff.

Tony Creecy

"Jacoby Brissett is such a good quarterback, and also the offensive line. We have Robert Crisp coming back and the offensive line is older."

"At the end of the year we grieved on it, and we left that behind. We came out this summer to really work hard and change that around."

"We have a three-headed monster. Any of us can get it done at any time."

"We owe the Wolfpack fans a great season."

"I feel like we had two teams last year. We had a team that bought in and the other half of the team that didn't buy in yet."

"This year, we focused this summer on more of us playing together... being a team... being more of one."

"With the additions that we have like Bo Hines and Kentavius Street... Maurice Trowell. Those three guys I know off the top of my head can come in and make a change."

"Bo Hines was here during the spring. He had such a great spring."

"We know them for two years now. It's no excuses. It's time for us to play football."

"He's a proven winner. He won at NIU. He's won championships, conference championships."

"The biggest key was us buying into the scheme. They have a proven scheme, we know it works. It's just up to us to buy in and make plays."

"Anybody can lead when it's 70 degrees and sunny. It takes a special person to lead when it's 40 degrees and snowing. Last year it was 40 degrees and snowing."

"They always pull us through for a big win. We didn't give them a reason to wear that NC State shirt out, and we will this year."

"We've been together longer and we know the coaches now. We've done more team bonding. We do cookouts now, not even with the coaches, by ourselves."

Art Norman

"Being good on offense or defense you have to have leaders and I feel like last year the seniors, older guys just let the coaches take it."

"No one knew how to set the tempo."

"A lot of seniors have stepped up already and started leading. With that, we should be better."

"Last year we were still trying to learn schemes... now we're past that. It's sort of like Spanish II. We're past that."

"It was harder than I thought."

"This offseason has been one of the hardest I've been a part of."

"He played the quarterback for every team last year... even on Scout Team he was a leader. I think he's going to be pretty good."

"He's good at both... he's a runner and a passer."

"The thing I like about him the most is that he's a leader. I feel like that goes deeper than being a runner or a passer. You need that to play quarterback."

"He doesn't really remind me of anybody, but he's impressive though."

"He'd still encourage those guys. When you're on scout team it's easy to get discouraged... he picked those guys up to make us better."

"I was a little nervous at first... he knows I'm not really in the cameras."

"My biggest individual goal is to be the biggest leader that I can. I want to be one of those guys you still talk about four or five years later, like Russell or Nate. When I came in they were here.. we still talk about them today."

"We'll practice against it and see what kind of plays we want to run in practice and go from there."

"I learned a lot from that. It makes the true leaders step up. Anyone can lead a 9-3 team, it's not hard. Everyone is with you. When you have a aseason like us you kind of only have your team."

"Honestly, I'm old. I don't really know all the details about it. I figure by the time it happens I'll be out of here."

"A lot of these guys like Jack Tocho, M.J., Mike Rose, a lot of these guys have really stepped up."

"I definitely understand the dynamics."

"We haven't done a whole lot with those guys yet, we've only worked out three or four times."

"Experience is just great... that plus the leadership, we should be pretty good."

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