Finest 50 Phillies Prospects, 2013: Part 3

Our look at the top prospects in the Phillies organization continues. In this installment, we're looking at prospects ranked 36th through 40th.

36. Kevin Brady

Position: P  |  Throws: R  |  Age: 22  |  6' 3", 200 pounds

After rejecting offers from the Orioles in 2008 and the Indians in 2011, Brady signed with the Phillies after being taken in the tenth round of the 2012 Draft. The Clemson product struggled with his control in college, but made big strides to correct some mechanical issues that also seems to have corrected a lot of his control issues. He's got a mid-90s fastball and a slider that is developing well enough that he has stopped throwing his curve, which he tended to leave hang up in the zone at times. The slider has been much more effective for him and if his change-up continues to develop, he'll have three pitches of at least slightly above average caliber that he can throw. He suffered an arm injury in 2011, but hasn't shown any signs of issues since then, so that's all in the past. Brady is a kid that could move pretty quickly through the organization. Don't be surprised if the Phillies challenge Brady with a move to Lakewood right out of the gate in 2013.

2012 GCL Phillies 1 0 2.45 2 1 3.2 2 2 1 1 2 5
2012 Williamsport 1 3 1.85 10 9 39.0 39 17 8 1 5 49
2012 combined stats 2 3 1.90 12 10 42.2 41 19 9 2 7 54
1 Season 2 3 1.90 12 10 42.2 41 19 9 2 7 54
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37. Larry Greene Jr.

Position: LF  |  Bats: L  |  Age: 19  |  6' 0", 235 pounds

The Phillies took Greene in the first round - 39th overall pick - of the 2011 Draft, but he signed late and they decided to hold him in extended camp rather than throw him into the Gulf Coast League. This past season, they were able to start him at Williamsport and saw decent results for his first pro season. Greene is an imposing figure with great natural power, but he hasn't harnessed that into his game yet. Keep in mind that he's only 19 and is still developing both physically and mechanically. The potential is there not only for power, but for a guy who can hit the ball to all fields and could hit for a decent average to go with the power. He'll likely start at Lakewood in 2013, unless the Phillies feel there is more work to be done and hold him back for a while. Defensively, he's above average, with good speed and a strong arm, but it's not out of the question that as he develops, there could be a drop off in speed and he could be moved to first base. The Phillies can afford to be patient with Greene, because when it all comes together, he's likely to move very quickly.

1 Season702573670220226124178.272.373.381
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38. Ender Inciarte

Position: OF  |  Bats: L  |  Age: 22  |  5' 11", 160 pounds

The Phillies love Inciarte's speed and his potential to be a big-time base stealer at the major league level. He should have enough offensive skills to be able to take advantage of his speed, but the Phillies have to get him through this season on the 25-man roster, since he was a Rule 5 pick from the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Odds are that they'll be able to stuff him away on the roster and keep him in the organization just as they did with Michael Martinez in 2011. Inciarte has good plate discipline and knows he has to play 'small-ball' to be successful. Defensively, he's average, with a stronger arm than you might expect from his small frame. All indications are that he has the potential to be a top of the order hitter in the majors, but not right away. Keep in mind that he only played as high as High-A ball in the D'backs organization, which is why they thought they might be able to sneak him through the Rule 5 Draft. 

2008VSL D'backs622273668700182262735.300.377.330
2010combined stats852933667137123752152.229.284.331
2010South Bend66227265197120541435.225.276.339
2011South Bend1164507311819512526154759.262.333.333
2012combined stats12747382145281024746125363.307.376.421
2012South Bend6522536661651301843131.293.375.422
5 Seasons45616802604758123513511142163249.283.347.367
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39. Perci Garner

Position: P  |  Throws: R  |  Age: 24  |  6' 3", 225 pounds

The Phillies were very cautious with Garner in his first couple of pro seasons, partly because he had some minor arm issues early on in his first professional season (2010) and also because he dabbled in playing football at Ball State rather than focusing on baseball, so they didn't want to push his development too hard. In 2012 though, they threw him right into the mix, even skipping him over Low-A Lakewood and pushing him along to High-A Clearwater. The results weren't fantastic, but considering where he is in his development, the results also can't be considered to be all that bad. Garner is generally a groundball machine on the mound, but did surrender nine home runs at Clearwater last year, but that's still not a horrible number. He's got an above-average breaking ball and a fastball with some late movement. His change-up is his weakest pitch, but it's coming along and could become good enough to help keep hitters off balance. Garner may be back at Clearwater for a few more starts in 2013, but it won't be surprising to see him at Double-A Reading before the All-Star Break if all goes well.

3 Seasons8124.503632168.017297841073122
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40. Jiwan James

Position: OF  |  Bats: S  |  Age: 23  |  6' 4", 180 pounds

Jiwan James will forever be remembered for a leaping, over-the-wall catch that he made at Reading last season, which has become a YouTube sensation. As the video shows, James has great athletic skills. James actually started his pro career as a pitcher in 2007, but the Phillies quickly did a reverse and moved him to the outfield. Unfortunately, an injury cost James the 2008 season, so he basically started his career two seasons later than he could have. The fact that the Phillies have been able to move him along a level per season is a testament to just how hard James has worked at getting better. His offensive skills are still a little raw and he strikes out too much for his power level. The key to James' future is finding discipline at the plate and being content to take singles and doubles rather than trying to bring too much power to his game. His coaches rave about his work ethic and the fact that he strives to do better in every part of the game, so combining that with his raw talent, it's likely just a matter of time until James finds the key and starts to garner more appreciation for what he can do. He's got above-average speed, but is still learning the nuances of stealing bases. 

2007GCL Phillies900000000000---
5 Seasons41315842314187020161467948107389.264.317.364
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