Top 50 Quotebook: Jason McLeod (Part Two)

In compiling the third annual Diehard Top 50, we spoke to numerous Red Sox players and executives, including director of amateur scouting Jason McLeod. Here are his thoughts on Anthony Rizzo, Chris Province, Adam Mills and David Mailman. For the complete write-ups of the players in the top 50, please subscribe to today!

(Part two of four)

Anthony Rizzo, 1B:
Jason McLeod: I was very, very happy with what I saw. I didn't get to see him in the spring—it didn't work out where I got down there [to see him], but we had plenty of cross checkers looking at him. To a man, those that saw him really liked him. Really thought he had a chance to hit. And when I saw him in the instructional league, really at the end of the GCL, I got to see about six at-bats. And the thing that stood out for me [is] he's a younger high school draft [pick] and his approach was just so mature, like a college guy with the way he approached his at-bats. Hung in very well on left-handers, wasn't backing down against them. And the kid is very strong, rugged, built guy. Anthony looks like an offensive lineman—he's nimble, he's just strong and bulky as hell. But he's got a very good approach. I think he has a really good chance to hit. Obviously we like his left-handed power bat.

Chris Province, P:
Jason McLeod: I didn't get to see Chris pitch last summer. I did see him in the instructional league, and he was what he was advertised as far as our scouting reports [and] some of the things I heard from our player development staff: A guy who is very physically strong, really powers the ball down in the strike zone. Showed me a better changeup than I [thought] he had. In instructional league, they don't throw their breaking balls down there, so I didn't get to see that out of him. But I think the thing with Chris is he's got the mentality to attack, attack. It's just what we like about him. Obviously there's going to be some polishing there with the command, where he's throwing his fastball. But I like him. From a physical standpoint, I really like him.

Adam Mills, P:
Jason McLeod: There's not the upside and he's not the mid-90s, going to come in and blow people away [type of pitcher]. But this kid really has an understanding of what you do and what you do well. That's Adam Mills. He throws at the bottom of the strike zone, on both sides of the plate. He's not a finesses guy, but he's in the upper 80s, maybe touch 91. Sink the ball, move in and out, compete his ass off. And I think what's good about him is he understands what he is and he knows. He doesn't try to be something that he's not. But he maximizes what he does well and that's what he did in college. That's what he did last summer. Just very intelligent, smart, knows what he wants to go and he has a plan. And he can execute his plan.

David Mailman, OF:
Jason McLeod: I think he's going to start in the outfield. That's where I believe he belongs. He played some first base in high school, but for me he's too athletic to kind of limit him at first base. Not sure, with his frame, if he's going to have the kind of first baseman power that you would want, but he's got a really pretty swing, a really good idea of what he wants to do as a hitter. He's such an excitable kid. He could sleep on the field if you let him. Loves being out there, to the point where you've got to slow him down some times, tell him to relax. But he can really swing the bat and he just loves being on the field. I think that he's going to be a corner outfielder. [He's] another kid that I think we should be excited [about].

(Part three of our quotebook with McLeod will appear Saturday)

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