Traveling to Lakeland: Where to Stay

Multiple times per year, the TigsTown staff makes the trek to Lakeland to take in Spring Training, Fall Ball, and every other possible baseball-related activity. With that in mind, many fans often inquire about the Lakeland area, so this winter, with pitchers and catchers reporting right around the corner, TigsTown brings you a three-part series on everything you need to know about Lakeland.

Two caveats to the recommendations: All recommendations will span a variety of interests and types of trips, from family vacations to a long weekend with a group of guys. In addition, this will focus exclusively on Lakeland. Not to say that nearby destinations and attractions aren't worthwhile, many are, but this quick reference guide is specific to the Tigers home away from home. There are three different areas we recommend to stay during your trip to Lakeland. They're grouped into the type of lodging experience you're looking for, below.

Luxury: The Terrace Hotel

The Terrace Hotel is situated in downtown Lakeland and is an impressive boutique hotel that caters to those looking for a luxurious, full-service experience. The hotel has been refurbished after originally being built in the 1920's and includes capabilities for event hosting in addition to a full-service dining at the Terrace Grille. Given its prime downtown location, it's also perfectly situated to enjoy the other fine dining downtown, as well as walks through the parks and lakes. Simply put, if you're taking the trip and looking for luxury, the Terrace Hotel is where you should stay.

Entertainment: Lakeside Village
Courtyard Marriott Lakeland and Hampton Inn and Suites: Lakeland South

If you're looking to be entertained when you're not at Joker Marchant Stadium, then staying at one of the two hotels at Lakeside Village is the place for you. Lakeside Village is an outdoor shopping center that includes a variety of shops, restaurants as well as a movie theatre, with the hotels situated within the complex, making everything contained in the mall an easy walk. This is particularly ideal if you're not often interested in exploring for places to eat, as all of the typical food options are available, and you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two with the ease of walking back to your room. In addition, there's a Target and Publix right across the street from the mall, providing easy access for any essentials needed while on the trip.

The Basics: The Airport or The Highway
Ramada Lakeland and Hilton Garden Inn Lakeland

If you are looking for a no-frills hotel that can just give you the basics, either the Ramada or HGI will work well for you. The Ramada is conveniently situated right off I-4 (the main highway that runs from Orlando to Tampa), and just a five minute drive from Joker Marchant Stadium, making it perfectly convenient to get to the ballpark, as well as day trips to the beach or the parks in Orlando. The HGI is a bit further from the park, but still within Lakeland, located right next to the airport. It's a bit more self-contained with its own restaurant and bar, along with a pool.

Please note, this is not every lodging partner available in Lakeland and the surrounding areas, just the ones that we've found to be most convenient for stays to our winter home.

Like the suggestions? Have one of your own? Looking for something else not mentioned? Head to the Message Boards to chime in with your recommendation or look for something more!

Traveling to Lakeland Series

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