Reynoso Looks to Make Impact

The Reds have kept no secrets on their attempts to tap into foreign talent and they've already hit paydirt on some pitchers and dropped big signing bonuses on a couple of outfielders. Off the radar is Jonathan Reynoso who made it stateside from the Dominican League last year. He's still only twenty and has speed that projects him as a top-lineup hitter after cracking .300 in Arizona.

Countdown to opening day: 4 days. When scouring the lower levels of the Cincinnati organization for prospects in a position to step up their rating in the coming year a top candidate is Jonathan Reynoso. He's a 6'3"/177#, right-handed outfielder who moved stateside last year after a couple of seasons in the Dominican League. His stats on the island weren't anything to write home about, but he made the promotion look like a good move by hitting .311 in the Arizona League while he was still a teenager.

Of course he's still young and skills are raw, but the potential is there to develop into something special. Up until now it looks like he never met a pitch he didn't like after walking only six times in over 200 appearances. However, the need to develop plate discipline is very common for young foreign players and he's only twenty so there's plenty of time to work on it. Even though he was a free swinger, he still made good contact and struck out only 11% of the time. Actually last year he accomplished an oddity of striking out fewer times (23) that his stolen base total (30).

Speed is in his game and nearly all of his action defensively has been in center field. Fly ball routes appear to be another item in need of development because he's run down slightly fewer than two chances per game which is a low for the position. His four assists in 46 games hints at sufficient arm strength.

Thus far power has not been part of his game, but that could change as his body matures. For now he projects as a top-lineup hitter with great speed. The 30 steals are even more impressive after considering he reached base via a single/walk only 53 times and his success rate was over 75%. Since he's so young it remains to be seen if he will advance to Billings or skip over the Pioneer League for a full season at Dayton. With all of his experience in the Dominican and Arizona leagues it's difficult to find a lot of details on this prospect. Reynoso will look to change that in 2013.

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