Tajh Boyd: Jets' QBs 'very helpful'

From the outside looking in, former Clemson star Tajh Boyd expected to step into a hyper competitive and tension filled quarterback room. With his first few days as a Jet under his belt, Boyd admits that has perspective has completely changed after meeting and greeting his fellow signal-callers.

The New York Jets added another QB to their depth chart by drafting Tajh Boyd. The former Clemson star joins presumed starter Geno Smith, recently acquired Michael Vick, and Matt Simms.

The sixth round pick sounded upbeat in the midst of his evolution from an amateur to a professional.

"Coach has been very great in helping me in taking steps. I'm just making strides and getting better every day," stated Boyd.

The rookie quarterback is still acclimating to the organization's culture and a new environment.

Surprising even himself, the former Tiger star discussed his developing rapport with Geno Smith as well as the other Jets' quarterbacks.

"I thought that the relationship wouldn't be what it was, because these guys, they've been very helpful: Mike, Geno, Matt Simms," noted Boyd.

Boyd, at the time on the outside looking in, was anticipating a hyper-competitive, unsupportive collaboration with his peers but is grateful to their collective backing.

"When I got here it was totally different, like those guys were pretty excited that I was in the room," said the former Clemson standout. "They were helpful. Any questions I needed answered, they answered for me and it's been good working with those guys"

Drafting Boyd has sparked a fresh debate amongst Jet Nation and the wider football audience. The optimist will argue the Jets' front office is shrewdly hedging itself by creating a roster of eclectic quarterbacks that consists of a battle-hardened veteran, a couple of talented projects, and a emergency signal-caller to play during desperate times.

The opposite end of the fan base believes the same front office is proving its ineptitude as it lacks focus and should invest in one or two playmakers. These fans claim Boyd's selection undermines Smith, who was drafted by the team last year.

Either way, Boyd does not seem to be concerned with these discussions and is focused on enjoying his new environment, coach, and teammates.

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