Good Morning from Spring Training

Good morning! It's my first day at Spring Training and I'll be updating the site with lots of coverage over the next week that I'm here. For starters, I'll just dish about a few of the stories I'll be following and trying to get later in the week.

For starters, let's talk about the Rockies starters. Starting pitching, that is, which as we all know has been the club's undoing in the past. Last season the Rockies got off to a 17-8 start in April without getting much from outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and former staff ace Ubaldo Jiminez. Jorge de la Rosa blew out his elbow shortly thereafter, the team played .409 ball the rest of the way, and ended up trading Jimenez, the greatest pitcher in the franchise's short history. 


The pitching was obviously terrible last season. No other team in the National League besides the Astros had a higher ERA than the Rockies, which was a major problem given their middling offense that was even more middling at home last year. The good news is they have a clean slate and a ton of young arms. Also, Jamie Moyer is here for some reason. 

Hope springs eternal and this spring is the time for the Rockies to see what they have in all of these young pitchers they've acquired. Sure, you can look at Tyler Chatwood's numbers and see that he has no business throwing baseballs to batters at Coors Field unless you want to lose most of those balls. But, they already traded for him and he's here. So, why not see what he has? Could he really be that much worse that Guillermo Moscoso? (Yes, he likely could be).

Also, I'm told that Guillermo's nickname in camp is "Gilly." Besides that being a terrible nickname for someone who isn't just some white dude, isn't that the name of Kristen Wiig's character on SNL? (It is).

Anyway, the young pitchers in camp will be something I'm keeping my eye on very closely, especially Drew Pomeranz and Alex White. I believe that both have a legitimate shot to make the rotation out of camp, despite White's big league struggles with gopher balls. Pomeranz may even have the inside track on the number three starter job as the only pitchers that appear to be guaranteed spots right now are Jhoulys Chacin and Jeremy Guthrie. 

Otherwise, there's not a ton going on here. There was a team meeting this morning, then the players stretched. Now they're doing skill work and soon enough there will be batting practice and bullpens! Today's throwers include: Rex Brothers, Chacin, Chatwood, Reynolds, Escalona, Edwar Cabrera, Roenicke. I'll check in later. 

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