Team Giambi Wins in Style

This one was a lot of fun, and not necessarily for baseball reasons. Friday at Salt River Fields the Rockies played an intrasquad game that saw Team Giambi trounce Team Helton 6-0. Jason Giambi even poured salt in the wound by calling for a steal up 4-0 in the final inning of play. 

"It's a statement by my players, they went out and played hard for me," Giambi said gleefully after the game.

"I put them in tough situations because I wanted to showcase them and how athletic they were. They were outstanding today."

Non-roster players Brenden Harris and Brandon Wood led the way for the Giambinos. Harris went 3-for-3 including a double off the wall (he also walked twice and scored three runs) and Wood made a few spectacular plays defensively at various infield positions. 

Manager Todd Helton was not so gleeful after the game as Giambi relished victory. 

"We're just going to wash this off, take a shower and come back," Helton said. "That was a bad outing, bad showing.

"They got ahead and then it got a little unsportsmanlike stealing up 4-0 when we didn't have another at bat."

Giambi's response was priceless.

"That's alright, just wanted to rub it in and step on your neck to let him know he got outmanaged. That's what happened," he said.

Helton's going to have to wear this tough loss. 

"Tough day, we'll get 'em next year," Helton said. 


  • Jamie Moyer pitched well for Team Helton: 2 innings, 1 run, 3 hits, 1 strikeout, and 0 walks. He threw 42 pitches, 27 for strikes. He looked sharp in his second inning of work. 
  • Jeremy Guthrie got the win for Team Giambi: 2 innings, 0 runs, 2 hits, 0 strikeouts, and 0 walks. He threw 29 pitches, 21 for strikes. He looked sharp from the start keeping the ball down in the zone and inducing weak contact. 

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