Rockies Notes: 10/23

Today is the final day before the World Series and the Rockies still don't have a manager, which means that the club likely won't name a manager until after the World Series unless they want to feel the wrath of baseball's commissioner. They will be interviewing candidates outside the organization, however, and they have a director of pitching operations. So, there's that. 

Patrick Saunders from the Denver Post has the news on Wiley:

Mark Wiley, a man with 43 years of professional baseball experience, was named the Colorado Rockies' director of pitching operations Monday, the team said.

The job is the equivalent of a coordinator position, meaning Wiley will oversee pitching throughout the organization and also will help with the June draft. He'll also be charged with developing pitchers at the minor-league level in an effort to better prepare them for the challenge of pitching at Coors Field.

Wiley, who hasn't been with the Rockies since 2007, will be overseeing everything in the organization that has to do with pitching. This is good news. It'll be even better news if he can get this organization away from blaming their failures on the mound on the stadium in which they play, but I should probably give that one some time. 

Troy Renck has this news on who the Rockies might be interviewing:

The Rockies have not released names of outside candidates, but industry sources say possibilities include Sandy Alomar Jr., an Indians' coach; Tim Wallach, Dodgers' coach; Mike Gallego, A's coach and Brad Ausmus, special assistant with San Diego. Toronto is the only other team looking for a manager.

We do have a midday update here as the Marlins fired Ozzie Guillen this afternoon. There is no word on if the Rockies will consider interviewing Guillen, who will still be paid by the Marlins for years to come, but obviously we can add the Marlins to the list of teams also searching for a manager. 

Brad Ausmus apparently interviewed very well in Boston before losing out on that job to former Jays manager John Farrell. Sandy Alomar Jr. might be the front runner for the Blue Jays job now that Farrell is out. Alomar's brother Robbie is already working in the front office with the Jays, so it's not hard to see that as a fit. 

No matter who the Rockies decide to name as their next manager, that announcement won't come until after the World Series. So, it should be a pretty quiet week in terms of baseball news that doesn't involve the Arizona Fall League.  

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