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Kiley shares scouting reports on the top rising seniors that are committed to Pac-12 schools.

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Arizona State Sun Devils

1. Marcus Wilson, CF, Serra HS (CA) - #22 players in the HS Class

- Wilson is another projection bet that's very young for the class with a very projectable, long-limbed, broad-shouldered frame that's he's still growing into. He posted plus-plus run times in the 60 and in games and shows some feel to hit in games with gap power than should improve with age.

2. Alex Verdugo, RF/LHP, Sahuaro HS (AZ)

- 6'1/190 lefty athlete that's up to 93 mph on the mound (sits 88-91 mph) with a fringy, slurvy 72-78 mph breaking ball and would contribute as a reliever in college but is a superior pro prospect as a hitter. Compact athlete that's a solid average runner with a plus arm and fringy raw power that doesn't really profile great as a pro prospect as the tools come up just short to be an everyday player and his swing can get uphill at times. That said, he has strength and bat speed and is pretty productive, so depending on his signability, could fit in the 3rd-4th rounds but would be a great college player if he gets to campus.

3. Richard Boe, RHP, St. Francis HS (CA)

- 6'6/225 righty whose velocity varies a good bit even within the same appearance but has been up to 93 mph before and could throw even harder. His delivery is a little awkward and could be improved, which would likely level out his velocity which ranged from 82-91 mph the day I saw him. He throws two below average off-speed pitches that need some work in a 66-69 mph curveball and an 78-82 mph changeup

4. Ryan Hingst, RHP, Franklin HS (TX)

- Projectable 6'4/190 righty with clean arm action and delivery sits 85-89 mph now but that should improve. His 73-75 mph curveball is inconsistent but flashes average potential but that could also improve as he fills out.

5. Andrew Shaps, OF, Chaparral HS (AZ)

- Similar to DiLacqua below, a skinny lefty 6'0/160 hitter with a solid line drive swing and some gap power. He's an average runner with an above average arm that could fit in any of the three OF positions.

6. Grant Schneider, RHP, Lake Travis HS (TX)

- Some projection in 6'3/195 righty with a slightly long arm action and a little rough of a delivery that does well getting on top of his pitches with solid plane. Sits 85-89 touching 90 mph with a 76-77 mph changeup that's above average at times and a 70 mph curveball he rarely uses.

7. Andrew DiLacqua, OF, IMG Academy HS (FL)

- Skinny 6'1/175 athlete that's a solid average runner and has a nice smooth swing that could become a top 5 round type guy in a few years as he fills out his frame but feels more like a good college guy right now.

8. Tucker Baca, LHP, North Gwinnett HS (GA)

- Projectable 6'4/185 lefty slings from low three quarters arm slot. Could add some velocity as he fills out but sits 85-88 mph right now with an arm-heavy delivery and a solid 70-71 mph curveball.

9. Reagan Todd, LHP/1B, Regis Jesuit HS (CO)

- Two-way guy that's maxed-out physically at 6'2/210 and doesn't have a huge upside but solid ability both ways. Sits 84-87 mph and has hit 88 with a solid delivery and mostly uses his fastball. Also has good power form the left side but his swing can get a little uphill.

Other commits:

Andrew Snow, SS, Jesuit HS (CA)

Ryan Peep, SS, Hamilton HS (AZ)

Kobie Foppe, 2B, Notre Dame Prep HS (AZ)

Oregon Ducks

1. Alex Jackson, C/RF, Rancho Bernardo HS (CA) Scouting Report & Video - #2 player in the HS class

- Rumor is that this dynamic talent with a plus arm and lightning-quick release from behind the plate will move to the outfield long-term to save his health like Bryce Harper. Jackson isn't a Harper-level talent but has special bat speed and above average power: enough to go in the top 10 picks even as an outfielder, in the mold of Padres 2013 1st rounder Hunter Renfroe.

2. Slade Heggen, C, Loyola Sacred Heart HS (MT) - Made 10 Names That Just Missed HS Top 30 Rankings

- One of my favorites in the class so far, but being from Montana has some work to do polishing his tools into skills. 6'0/190 with broad shoulders and long limbs to add more strength, already has good power that could be average in a few years, but needs some time to grow into his frame. Above average arm strength and speed, good release and chance to stick behind the plate as solid athlete. Could go anywhere from the late first round to third round and I think he'll sign as scouts like all the stuff I've mentioned above.

3. Tim Susnara, C, St. Francis HS (CA)

- The best defensive catcher in the class right now, with a plus arm, good agility and is very aggressive and confident with throwing behind runners. He's 6'0/180 and is a strong kid but is a below average runner with below average power and lacks a ton of feel to hit but he's streaky. I've seen him hit some in games and a few extra base hits, so there are some glimpses. There's a huge need for catchers professionally, particularly those that are advanced defensively and are lefty hitters that show some offensive upside. He fits in the 3rd-4th round right now and is maybe a little below 50% to get to campus.

4. David Peterson, LHP, Jesuit HS (CO)

- 6'6/220 lefty that sits 87-91 and has hit 92 mph recently. He's a solid athlete with a sound delivery and solid swing but is clearly better on the mound. His curveball is 73-75 mph and is average at times and could improve as his velocity improves. Peterson's changeup is just okay and he has all the plane/extension tall pitchers benefit from but he gives some of that plane away with a 3/4 arm slot and is a bit of a slinger. He fits in the 4th-6th rounds right now (about 50/50 or a bit better to get to campus) with scouts always giving the benefit of the doubt to 6'6 lefties with some stuff and there could be a good bit of improvement this spring.

Other commits:

Jakob Goldfarb, OF, Desert Mountain HS (AZ)

Jaime Estrada, 2B, Gahr HS (CA)

Casey Soltis, OF, Granada HS (CA)

Stanford Cardinal

1. Keith Weisenberg, RHP, Osceola HS (FL) - Made 10 Names That Just Missed HS Top 30 Rankings

- 6'4/190 righty that's very loose, athletic and fluid with a projectable frame that should add more arm speed down the road. Right now, he sits 89-93 mph with a solid average 79-83 slider that's improved each time I've seen him and should be above average. He has hasn't needed 79-81 mpg changeup much so the feel for the pitch isn't there but projection is the key here and I think he'll be able to develop a solid changeup.

2. Bryce Carter, C, Cascia Hall HS (OK) - Made 10 Names That Just Missed HS Top 30 Rankings

- 6'1/195 catcher with a chance to stick behind the plate long-term and good lefty power at the plate. He's slightly stiff at the plate and his swing can get uphill at times but he's still growing into his frame and has some room to add more strength. You can project at least average raw power and maybe a little more, mostly a fly-ball, pull power type guy. He's a below average runner with an above average arm that's just athletic enough to pull off catcher.

3. Bryson Brigman, SS, Valley Christian HS (CA)

- Just missed him at the last showcase I was at, but he's a 5'10/175 righty hitter and I've been told he's a plus runner and can play shortstop in college but is still developing more feel to hit at the plate.

4. Quinn Brodey, CF/LHP, Loyola HS (CA)

- Brodey should get to campus as a guy with a lot of talent that's spread across his two-way skills. He'll sit 87-89 and hit 90 with a fringy curveball at 73-75 mph. He doesn't have much projection (6'1/195) but that's enough stuff to be a solid college reliever. He's got more pro potential as a hitter, where he fits in center field with plus speed surprising power for his size and feel to hit to all fields, though his swing can get a little uphill at times.

5. Colton Hock, RHP, Bloomsburg Area HS (PA)

- 6'5/215 good pitcher's frame and sits 87-90 touching 91 mph but that should improve as he fills out his frame. His curveball at 77-81 flashes solid average potential and his 80-83 mph changeup flashes average potential. He's got top 5 round potential but that's more likely to come after 3 successful years in college, so I expect him to get to campus and possibly join the rotation quickly.

Other commits:

Mikey Diekroger, 3B, Menlo HS (CA) - The third Diekroger brother headed to Stanford, more like Danny than Kenny

John Henry Styles, LHP, Episcopal HS (TX) - Smallish lefty in the mid to upper 80's

Conor Cuse, RHP, Harvard-Westlake HS (CA) - Mid to upper 80's, son of Carlton Cuse, produce of Lost and other TV shows

Andrew Summerville, LHP, Lakeside HS (WA) - 6'3 lefty from Seattle area

UCLA Bruins

1. Sean Bouchard, 3B, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) - #21 player in the HS class

- Bouchard is teammates with #29 prospect and fellow UCLA commit LHP Brady Aiken from a powerhouse San Diego area prep team that also produced 2013 4th rounder LHP Stephen Gonsalves (Twins). Bouchard has above average speed, easy actions at third and an average arm to go with a good mix of bat speed, strength and projection that allow you to project average power to profile as an everyday player.

2. Brady Aiken, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) - #29 player in the HS class

- Aiken has been scouted a lot, coming from a top program as mentioned above and is a big lefty among the youngest in the class, so there's a lot to like. His stuff is more average now, working 88-92 with a solid curveball and changeup but the feel to pitch is good and he's not a bad prospect as a right fielder with good athleticism, some power and a plus arm. There's scouting video in the top 30 rankings, linked above.

3. Ryan Castellani, RHP, Brophy HS (AZ) - #30 player in the HS class

- Castellani is a well-known prospect who was in the low 90's as a sophomore and is a long-limbed, projectable athlete with a good swing, though he's a much better prospect on the mound. He clearly isn't trying to light up radar guns and looks like he's playing catch at 89-91 mph with solid average stuff and above average command.

4. Grant Hockin, RHP, Damien HS (CA)

- Recently was sitting 88-91 but has been up to 93 mph in the past and, like Castellani, has a very easy motion, good mechanics, command and athleticism. Hockin's not as projectable (6'3/195) or athletic and his stuff was fringy when I saw him last month with a below average 75-77 mph curveball and average 80-83 mph slider, though both pitches have been better in the past. He fits in the 3rd-4th round right now, but could move up some if his old stuff comes back so I'd guess he doesn't get to campus.

5. Josh Morgan, SS, Orange Lutheran HS (CA)

- Morgan is very short and direct to the ball, sacrificing the power he could create with his quick hands for gap-to-gap contact. He's maxed-out physically and his swing is a little stiff/awkward at times but he's good defensively and has a chance to be a shortstop professionally with average speed and above average hands and arm strength. He's a 3rd-4th rounder right now and is in that coin flip to get to campus territory.

6. Matt Trask, RHP, Davis HS (CA)

- Trask is a 6'3/220 righty that's maxed-out physically and isn't amazingly athletic but has a knockout changeup. He sat 87-90 the two innings I saw him and I'm on the fence about his delivery, with high torque and an elbow that gets a little higher in back than I like to see. The separator here is an above average to plus changeup at 73-76 mph he has a lot of confidence in and throws a lot. He threw one curveball at 74 mph that he'll need to improve to profile as as starter and move into the top 5 rounds. He also has some power in BP and may play both ways in college but is better on the mound as a prospect.

7. Jacob Nix, RHP, Los Alamitos HS (CA)

- 6'3/200 righty with clean arm action and delivery, solid athleticism and sat 90-93 mph in a two-inning outing I saw last month. His changeup is 83-85 mph and fringy while his curveball is soft but has good shape at 70-74 mph. If he can find a better breaking ball, Nix has the potential to move up a spot or two on the list, but for now looks like a very solid prospect in the 5th-8th rounds that gets to campus and contributes early unless he makes strides this spring.

Other commits:

Griffin Canning, RHP, Santa Margarita HS (CA)

Nick Valaika, 2B, Hart HS (CA)

Nate Hadley, RHP, Loyola HS (CA)

Cory Ewald, C, Doherty HS (CA)

USC Trojans

1. Jacob Gatewood, SS, Clovis HS (CA) - #1 player in the HS class

- Lanky, projectable shortstop likely moves to third base professionally but would be above average there defensively and has easy plus raw power for a complete package that, with some offensive adjustments, could rival 2012 #1 overall pick SS Carlos Correa (Astros). Full report + video at the top 5 prep hitters link above.

2. Mitch Hart, RHP, Granite Bay HS (CA) - #27 player in the HS class

- Hart is another solid projection play in this class, as one of the younger player in the class with good command and a long, lean frame that should add strength down the road. He'll sit 88-92 with occasional sinking life, two above average off-speed pitches in a 78-80 mph slider and 80-82 mph changeup and a curveball that's average and changes hitters' eye level.

3. Bryce Dyrda, RHP, Oakdale HS (CA)

- Doesn't have a ton of feel as a hitter but has bat speed and a good swing with gap power, so he could be a two-way player in college, probably as a left fielder/first baseman. He's a good athlete with a maxed-out frame at 6'0/185 and a higher effort delivery that fits in relief but has big stuff for his size. In a two-inning stint I saw him work 88-93 mph (mostly 90-93 in the first inning) with an above average downer curveball at 74-76 mph and a solid changeup and slider. Since he's maxed-out physically and more of a reliever, he's a college type of guy that scouts don't have professional interest in as an 18 year old reliever whereas Wegman (below) is the type that could improve, is more of the professional type though not as talented right now and could overtake Dyrda in the spring as a pro prospect.

4. Brad Wegman, RHP, Great Oak HS (CA)

- 6'3/190 long athlete with aggressive delivery that sits 87-90 mph, has a changeup with good arm speed that could be average and a curveball that's below average now but could improve with projection. He fits in the 5th-8th rounds now and could improve this spring, but should get to campus and could be a late-inning reliever or rotation type.

Other commits:

Cole Young, 3B, Norco HS (CA)

Angelo Armenta, 2B, Loyola HS (CA)

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