Halos & Trumbo Part Ways In Three-Team Trade

It was a busy day for three Major League General Managers, that ended up landing Mark Trumbo in Arizona, Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago with the Angels, and Adam Eaton with the White Sox.

"If you touch the hot stove, you're going to get burned," is something my mother told me as a child. Well, today three General Managers touched the stove but I don't think any of them got burned (sorry Mom). Jerry Dipoto of the Los Angeles Angels and Kevin Towers of the Arizona Diamondbacks started the chit-chat yesterday, and decided to add friend Rick Hahn of the Chicago White Sox. After a busy morning, we finally found out that the three-teams had reached an agreement.

Los Angeles Angels receive : LHP Tyler Skaggs, RHP Hector Santiago Arizona Diamondbacks receive : 1B/OF Mark Trumbo, Player To Be Named Later Chicago White Sox receive : OF Adam Eaton


From October 1st, Angels fans were waiting for the day that Mark Trumbo was traded. After a double digit amount of teams reached out to express interest in Trumbo, Jerry Dipoto finally found a suitor that gave him a possible match. Trumbo will be heading to downtown Phoenix along with a prospects to be a right handed power bat in the Arizona sun and for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks wanted to add a powerful bat on the right side of the plate and it's not hard to see Trumbo's raw power. Trumbo hit 95 home runs, or "Trumbombs," over the past three seasons, increasing his amount each season (32 HR average). Despite his low on-base-percentage and high strikeout count, Trumbo will now be going to a hitter's park (Chase Field) as opposed to a pitcher's park (Angel Stadium), which could increase his power numbers even more so. Worth noting, is that Trumbo hit the majority of his home runs to left field, and the fences at Chase Field down the left field line are at 330 feet and 376 feet to left center. Also in the majority numbers for Trumbo's home runs were 400 foot plus home runs, including nearly three home runs per season going over 500 feet.

Trumbo defensively, is a first baseman and corner outfielder. With Paul Goldschmidt at first, you can't imagine Trumbo will play much there. Gerardo Parra, Adam Eaton, and A.J. Pollack took over the duties of every day outfielders for the Diamondbacks last season, but with Eaton being traded, there is a new hole in the outfield. Parra has right field locked up, and Pollack has much more speed and from what we've seen, a better glove than Trumbo, which means Pollack will more than likely take over duties in center field to replace Eaton. It doesn't take quick math, left field is the only fit defensively for Trumbo, which is where the DBacks plan on playing him this upcoming season.


Like having a child, you're not supposed to pick favorites. In the case of Jerry Dipoto though, Tyler Skaggs seems to be a favorite of his. Skaggs was traded from the Angels to Arizona, when Dipoto was GM of the Diamondbacks. Now with the Angels, Dipoto wanted him back, and got him back. Skaggs is essentially a three-starter in a Major League rotation, and will probably fit best as the five slot man this upcoming season for the Angels. A scout told me his feelings on Skaggs:

"He's a Major Leaguer with a strong arm. If his velocity picks back up, he should be a three-starter, but worst case scenario he's a four guy for most Major League rotations."

If Skaggs, who is just 22-years-old, can pick up his velocity and maintain/better his control with growth, he could be a nine or more strikeout per nine kind of guy.

Skaggs expressed his excitement to rejoin the Angels in a tweet this afternoon:

"Going back home to where it all started back to the @Angels couldn't be more excited..." - @TylerSkaggs37


Similar to Skaggs, Hector Santiago is a young man (25-years-old) who has slight control issues, but is bright for the Angels future. Santiago last season had a 3.33 earned-run-average, but his walks (4.5 per nine) ended up leaving his WHIP at a point he could lower to be an elite pitcher (1.403).

Santiago spent most of the 2012 season in the bullpen, starting just four of the 42 games he appeared in. This past season, he started 23 of the 34 he was in. Right now, it seems that Santiago will be a part of the Angels rotation, but could be a gem in the bullpen if moved.

Santiago also hit the Twitter wire to welcome himself to Angels fans:

"@Angels thank you for believing in me enough to pick me up! Now let's get this championship season going" - @HecSantiago53

Santiago is also known as a class act off the field, as he was awarded the 2013 White Sox Roberto Clemente Award, for his on and off the field actions.


"Money can't buy happiness," ... said absolutely no one in the baseball world. The Angels saved right around $3 million with this trade. Hector Santiago is making right around $3 million a year in arbitration and Tyler Skaggs is pre-arbitration. Mark Trumbo would have jumped somewhere between $6-7 million this season. With the money saved, The Angels have near $18 million to spend towards this upcoming season with what's left of the offseason.

It seems that Angels, Diamondbacks, and White Sox fans are all excited about what they received for what their General Managers gave. Jerry Dipoto has established that the Angels are still going to be involved in the free agent market and believe they can find a player who can hit 30 plus home runs and have 100 RBIs in the market. Many rumors have started about the Angels going after Matt Garza with the money they've opened up. One thing is for sure, Jerry Dipoto isn't just touching the stove, but he's put his hand all the way in to grab the fresh baked cookies or whatever other good things are in there.

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