Quotes: Marquette

Quotes from several Golden Eagles on media day at the KFC Yum! Center.

Marquette PLAYERS

Derrick Wilson #33

On experience since arriving to tournament
"We got in town yesterday afternoon and relaxed at the hotel. We watched film last night and had practice this morning."

Thoughts on Iona-BYU game
"It was an interesting game with Iona being up 25 and then losing. BYU showed a lot of discipline to be able to come back."

On mental preparation for BYU following comeback against Iona
"I didn't mentally prepare too much for Iona. As you can see, anything can happen. The second half is a whole new 20 minutes and 20 minutes is a lot of time."

Thoughts on BYU

"BYU is able to spread out the zone. Iona didn't attacke the BYU zone as much as they should have. BYU forced them into shooting a lot of jumpers but there wasn't a lot of defense. BYU stayed disciplined and their zone was able to slow Iona down."

Thoughts on BYU's 1st half against Iona
"We need to push them to a faster pace. It seemed like when BYU tried to play fast against Iona, it didn't work for them. BYU has really good big men. When they were able to get the ball into the post, it helped them make the comeback against Iona and that's something we need to prevent."

Jamil Wilson #0

Thought on finally knowing opponent
"It feels better then it did on Sunday. Now we can finally focus on one team and one set of personnel; offensive plays, defensive plays, those types of things."

On not knowing who opponent would be
"I didn't feel like it weighed on us. We had a couple of days to focus on ourselves. It allowed us to tighten up on things as a group. After we watched the game (BYU/Iona) we made adjustments."

Feelings about Thursday after watching BYU
"I'm confident; you always have to be confident in yourself and what you do. Now we have more of a feel for the adjustments we have to make as far as their game plan and what they like to do."

Junior Cadougan #5

On reaction to the tournament draw
"We are very excited to be a No. 3 seed. After that, we celebrated until midnight and we got back to business. We know it is the postseason and it doesn't really matter about the rankings. We just have to go out there and win."

On what team did in practice
"Doing shell and defensive transition drills to get in tune so that we get back on defense real quick. They (BYU) like to get up and down so we worked on drills to get ready."

On BYU's game last night
"Yeah that was a crazy game. Iona was getting up and down pressuring them and their defense rattled them a bit but they did a great job of executing and coming back."

On preparation for BYU
"We started on BYU this morning. We had a great practice preparing for them and we hope to just keep on getting ready until Thursday."

On expectation for the tournament
"Once you get to the post-season anything can happen. You've just got to play like it's another game. Now that we're not ranked. No one is. Now it's just time to get down to business."

Todd Mayo #4

On difficulty finding out opponent
"Not really. Everything seems like its going so fast. It's the end of the season and it's the NCAA tournament. We obviously have to stay focused and be on top of everything."

On preparedness from playing in the BIG EAST
"It has made us a better team because we went through our up and downs in the season and had some tough losses here and there. Most of the teams were Top 25 teams, Louisville, Syracuse, Georgetown and a lot of good teams."

On matching the highest seed in school history
"Personally, myself, and I probably speak for everybody else, it doesn't really matter because I think last year we might have been a seven or eight seed and we played Syracuse and Xavier who were higher, seeds and we won. I really don't think that seeding matters that much. You just have to come ready to play."

Vander Blue #2

On being in the NCAA Tournament
"It feels good. It's my second year here. We have had the chance to go to the NCAA tournament twice. I feel like BYU is a very good team. They might have been under-seeded I feel like, but they do a lot of things well. When they are comfortable they are a very good team. We are going to go out there and impose our will early. We will learn form the Iona game that no matter how big a lead is, to never give up no matter what end we are on. The game is never over until the clock hits zero. Hopefully imposing our will is enough."

On playing on in the Yum! Center
"It doesn't matter where we play. Randomly we got selected to play here. I think it's kind of ironic that we just lost to them in the Big East Tournament. I really feel were not concerned where we are playing. This is a big step. We will take it one game at a time. We will start with BYU tomorrow because that's who our next opponent is. Around this time of the year, you can't worry about what's going on in other places. We just have to take care of our side of the bracket and our games. We can't control what other people are doing.

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