Royals Top 30 - #27 – Terrance Gore

At first glance, one might think that we already have Terrance Gore in the Royals system. He might go by another name - Jarrod Dyson. Neither are what one might consider tall, and they both have speed to burn. Though Dyson has the benefit of hitting left-handed, and having a good throwing arm, Gore has better strike zone judgment and might be even a tick faster on the basepaths.


If Terrance Gore ever makes it to the major leagues, it will be because of his legs. They can't be very long , as he only 5'7", but they must resemble the legs of Scooby-Doo when he's running away from a ghost - merely a blur. How fast is he? He's been timed as fast 3.7 seconds from home to first base. To score an 80 on the scouting scale, he would "only" have to be there in 3.9 seconds. From first to second base, he's been timed as fast 3.0 seconds. In short, his speed exceeds the scale; it's indefensible.

Yeah, we've heard this before. Can he steal bases?

In Terrance Gore's one year of college, in 49 games, he stole 51 bases in 54 attempts. In his first professional season he played 35 games and stole 17 bases in 17 attempts. In his second professional season he played 61 games and stole 36 bases in 38 attempts. Let these numbers sink in - 2 years, 145 games, 104 stolen bases, 5 times caught stealing. That's a pretty tidy 95.4% success rate, which tells us that he hasn't been stealing enough. Last season, Billy Hamilton caught everyone's eyes by stealing 155 bases in 132 games, but he was also caught 37 times (a laughable 80.7% success rate compared to Gore). What would happen if the Royals really let him go?

Wow! Does he have any other skills?

Get this: Terrance Gore also has great on-base skills! Although he only batted .256 last season in Burlington, his on-base percentage was .379. In 2011, he batted .340 with a robust .447 on-base percentage. If he can come close to maintaining those on-base numbers with his ability to run, he'll be a valuable component to a 25-man roster.

Why have I not heard more about this guy?

Terrance Gore does have some skills that are not as refined. His defense is considered to be pretty good, but he's limited by a poor throwing arm. While his speed is an obvious asset, and he takes decent routes, his arm might limit him to left field. His other limitation is his nearly total lack of power. In 321 minor-league at bats, he has 6 doubles and 4 triples. While watching him in the batting cages in spring training, his lack of power was apparent. His all-arm swing struggled to power the ball out of the infield.

So what's ahead for Terrance Gore?

It's hard to imagine Gore making it as a starting outfielder in the major leagues if he doesn't develop at least a little bit of power. It's also hard to imagine him not making the major leagues as a team's 4th or 5th outfielder. His speed is a weapon that might be unmatched. I could really see him getting 50 at-bats in a year, but stealing more than 50 bases as a pinch-runner and occasional hitter. And if he muscles up a bit without losing his speed, who knows what might happen.

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