Dayton Moore Interview

In this interview with Dayton Moore, some of the things we discussed were his expectations when he took over in 2007, the acquisition of James Shields, and the futures of Eric Hosmer, James Shields, and Christian Colon.

If I had asked you when you took the GM job where the Royals organization would be in 2013, how does that vision compare to today's reality?

Dayton Moore is really pleased with where the Royals organization is right now. He said by 2012-2013 he wanted to have a core group of homegrown players. Since the first organizational meeting he conducted in January 2007, he knew that it would take awhile to build up the system. The industry expectation for most players is that they will spend three years in the minors, and then it would take them another two-to-four years until they reached their potential at the major-league level. He's been fortunate that "Glass has been supportive enough to give him time to build up the farm system."

Other than the on-the-field benefits, what do the Royals hope to gain off the field from James Shields and Wade Davis.

They, along with Jeremy Guthrie and Ervin Santana, have been winners their entire lives. It gives the entire organization a secure feeling because they know how to win. "It's a whole new feeling."

What would you consider to be successful years for Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas?

They need to stay healthy. They are not going to be complete players at this stage in their development. Typically, it takes 1500-2000 at-bats in the major leagues to reach maturity, and they need to keep their training "focused, disciplined, and structured."

Would you trade some of the organization's best prospects at the deadline to make a pennant run?

"We'll see. You have to make deals to get impact major league players." At the same time, you have to remain consistent and patient and work to improve your team each day. For a team like the Royals, free agency is not a good way to build your roster. It's good way to supplement, but the Royals can't afford to get their best players that way.

What is Christian Colon's future? SS/2B/UTIL?

The organization feels comfortable with him at 2B, SS, and 3B. He profiles best at 2B, but he's a consistent guy that does a lot of the little things well.

Who benefits the most from James Shields leading the staff?

Everyone, including Shields. Shields benefits because he holds himself accountable more than anyone else.

What was more surprising last year - Mike Moustakas' defense or Salvador Perez's offense?

Perez's offense, definitely. He always felt that Moose would be a good defender. He was a shortstop when they drafted him. And the excellent work ethic is a part of who Moose is. Hitting is the hardest thing to predict at the major-league level. Every night, they are facing pitchers that are better than anyone they've ever faced in their entire life.

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