Opening Day

A whimsical, poetic stroll through the thoughts and feelings of the baseball world as Opening Day is upon us. The anticipation of new season is upon us, and everyone is in first place. This is the time when the joys and hopes of baseball live within all of us. The season is a long roller coaster ride of emotions. And we all hope that the ride ends in a triumphant October parade.

Opening Day

Dawn blazes

upon the lush green grass

of today.

Unblemished balls and bats

wait . . .

. . . eager for battle . . .

. . . Children in men's bodies

breathe deep,

inhale the dream,

inhale life,

inhale perfection.

Dedicated to a sacred


fans flock to the fields of

optimism and despair.

Hoping that this year,

will be the age, the era, the time.

The time of late summer

pennant-race baseball.

When the home team

is your team,

and your city

comes together,

and rises

to the call,

"Play ball!"

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