These Royals are Fierce

In 2014, the once downtrodden franchise was able to rise from the ashes and put enough luck and guts together to make it to the World Series. They were the feel-good story of the year in baseball last year. America loved the Royals.

But in 2015, a majority of experts predicted a 3rd place finish with around a .500 record. They had their fun, their time in the spotlight. Now it was time to stop overachieving and mind their place.

You see, this bunch of players learned a lot last year. They learned how to hit and pitch. They learned how to play defense and run the bases. They learned how to have fun. But the most important thing they learned last year was how to win, and winners don’t “mind their place.”

It seemed last year as if they played with an innocent enthusiasm. They were cute. They had fun. They were like playful puppies on the field. This year, they are a different beast. They are battle-bonded and in-your-face. The puppies have grown up, and they are fierce.

A funny thing about winning – it’s addictive. See, that’s what the “experts” didn’t realize. For all the fun the Royals had last year, for all the luck that fell into their path, for all the ways the Royals should be losing this year; it doesn’t matter. These Royals are addicted to winning, and like a crack addict on a binge, these Royals will do anything it takes to keep winning. They are fierce.

And if you doubt them, if you disrespect them, if you feel that they had their five minutes in the spotlight, Lorenzo Cain has news for you. “I got a team that will back me up."

That’s fierce.

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