RC Interview with Chris Lubanski

A tireless worker, Chris Lubanski resolved to improve his upper body strength during the offseason. He spent two months hitting the weights, and he arrived at camp with a new, stronger physique. On Tuesday afternoon, RC caught up with Lubanski to discuss his offseason and his goals for the 2007 season.

Royals Corner: Chris, how do you feel your spring is going so far?

Chris Lubanski: It's going well. I've played about five or six big league games, and I've been here for three weeks with the minicamp and the other camp, and it's going well. I feel really good.

Lubanski singled in his only at bat on Tuesday vs. the Angels

RC: What's it like hanging around these big leaguers? Are you learning a lot?

CL: Oh, it's great. Whenever you get up here, you can kind of just feed off them and see how they play the game. You can learn the little things, and it's a great opportunity.

RC: How did you prepare for this season? What did you do during the offseason?

CL: I was out here for a good month, working out with Andre and [Ryan Stoneberg], our conditioning guy. For about two months, I really hit the weights hard, and put on some good weight, getting stronger. I just really worked on my swing a lot so I could get off to a good start.

RC: Do you feel like you've gained some power? You definitely look a lot bigger.

CL: Yeah, I feel like the ball is jumping off my bat a lot better than it was last year, and hopefully I can turn that into some more extra base hits.

Lubanski feels the ball is jumping off his bat better this spring

RC: Do you have the same agility, with the extra muscle?

CL: Yeah, that's one thing I really focused on – since I knew I was getting bigger – was my leg strength and my first step quickness, especially out here when I was working out with Stoneberg. I still feel pretty quick.

RC: What are your goals for the rest of the spring and this season?

CL: I'm trying not to think about numbers too much, I just want to keep going out there, keep working hard, and when I get my opportunity, take advantage of it.

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