RC Interview with David Lough

It has been a full year since David Lough learned of his 11th round draft selection by the Royals. The talented outfielder has had an up and down season thus far, and on Wednesday afternoon, we caught up with Lough to discuss his progress at the plate, on the bases, and in the outfield, where he's seeing more time in left.

Royals Corner: David, what did you do over the offseason to prepare for the season?

David Lough: I wanted to get a little bit bigger, I wanted to get faster and stronger, so I spent a little more time in the weight room, running and lifting every other day. I went back to school in the offseason, so I had a chance to work out with my college team and keep my swing together and stuff like that. My coach there was pleased, and he was just like another teammate back at school.

RC: Did you take any classes to try to finish up your degree?

DL: Yeah, I took four classes, and I'm probably less than 20 credits away. I think having a degree is important, and my family stresses that too, and that's what comes second right now behind baseball. I think that's a pretty important thing to have. I think everyone should have a degree and have something to fall back on.

RC: What was your first spring training like?

DL: It was interesting. I was really excited to get out there. I went out there for instructs, so I kind of knew about the facilities and stuff, but I was kind of interested in how it was going to go, and how they were going to set everything up. I had a great time and met a lot of different guys that I hadn't met yet. It was good, and a good experience for me. Hopefully there are many more to come.

Lough was assigned to the Bees out of spring training after spending 2007 in the Appy League

RC: You got off to a pretty strong start in April but fell off a bit in May. What kinds of things have you been doing to sort of right the ship?

DL: Yeah, I kind of started off pretty hot, and I kind of went into a slump here in May. But it's baseball, and that's what happens. You've just got to keep your head on and stay focused and just kind of battle through it.

RC: What kind of adjustments have you made at the plate?

DL: I try not to do anything different. I try to keep the same swing. Like I said, you're gonna get out in baseball, there's no way around it. That's how it is. It's a game of failing, and that's how you have to take it. You can't just lapse and stuff like that. You get out, and you move on, you know what I mean? You're going to have the 0-for-4 games, and then you're gonna have the 3-for-5 games. But like I said, you've just got to keep battling.

Lough went 6-for-16 with a triple and three RBIs as the Bees took three of four games against the first place Clinton Lumber Kings this week.

RC: Have you noticed a big difference in the quality of pitching at this level?

DL: Yeah, I think it's way different from Burlington, North Carolina. I think the speed's the same, but kids in North Carolina had just been drafted. I don't think that their accuracy was there. But now in this league, as you move up, you see the speed stays the same but the offspeed stuff usually gets a lot better. I think that's the biggest difference I've seen.

RC: When we spoke last year, you said your baserunning was the aspect of your game that needed the most work. How's that coming along for you?

DL: Not so good. Well, I mean, the times I've been on, I haven't really taken the step to steal. I forget how many attempts I do have, but that's what they've told me I need to work on, that I need to steal more bases. It's kind of a building thing, and something I've always had trouble with, but hopefully that will go away and I'll have a lot more confidence on the bases.

Lough is hitting .259/.323/.400 with four home runs so far this season

RC: Defensively, last year you played quite a bit of centerfield, and this year you're playing a lot more left field. How are you taking to that adjustment? You've made a couple of great catches out there during this series.

DL: It's different, because I never played left field. Adrian Ortiz and I have been switching between center and left. Playing left is something to get used to, because the balls comes off the bat a little bit different. You see the ball tailing from left and right-handers, and it can tail either way. In center, you can kind of get that good jump and good read, because you're playing straight up on the guy. So playing left field is a lot different, and it's something you've got to get used to. Hopefully I can.

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