RC Interview with Tim Melville

The Royals selected Tim Melville in the fourth round of the 2008 draft, and then lured him away from a strong commitment to North Carolina with a seven-figure bonus. On Tuesday afternoon, RC was on hand as Melville pitched in an intrasquad game at spring training. Afterward, we caught up with the right-hander to discuss his progress.

Editor's Note: Melville pitched two extended (four out) scoreless innings on Tuesday afternoon, surrendering four hits and no walks while striking out five batters.

Royals Corner: Tim, how did you feel about your outing today?

Tim Melville: It felt great. It felt like it was the best one I've had so far.

RC: You faced Eric Hosmer in your second inning. Could you take us through that pitch sequence?

TM: He's a pretty dangerous hitter. I faced him before when we were little kids, and last fall. I was just trying to stay down. The first pitch was a ball, and the second was up, and he got a hold of it and drove it right back at me. I can't blame him for it. That's what he does. We're buddies. It was a good hit.

RC: How has your arm been feeling this spring?

TM: It's been healthy. It feels great.

RC: You were drafted in the fourth round last year. What was draft day like for you? I know there were some expectations that you might go higher than the fourth round.

TM: It was exciting – the greatest day of my life. No complaints. Everything happens for a reason, and I felt like I got a good deal from the Royals. I'm happy about it, and I'm doing well.

RC: How did instructs go for you last fall?

TM: It went great. I hadn't pitched all summer, so I had kind of a slow start, but my arm felt good.

RC: What types of things are you working on right now?

TM: Just staying on top of the ball and getting it down. It happened today on the guy that drove the ball to the fence. I left the ball up and he got a hold of it pretty good. So I'm just working on that. And the changeup of course.

RC: Which pitch do you think needs the most work right now?

TM: Definitely the changeup. It would be a great addition. I can throw one, but it's just not consistent yet.

RC: Do you have any idea where you might be heading? Do you think you'll start out in Burlington, or do you think you'll wind up sticking around here (in extended) for awhile?

TM: I have no idea. They haven't told me anything.

RC: Thanks for talking with me, and good luck this season.

TM: Thanks

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