RC Interview with Kyle Martin

The success of Mike Aviles shows that anyone who consistently hits the ball hard has a shot. Kyle Martin may be a similar type of player. Selected in the 29th round of the 2007 draft, Martin began his pro career as something of an afterthought. But after hitting .316/.373/.537 with the Bees in 2008, people are starting to pay attention. On Thursday, Martin spoke with RC about his progress.

Royals Corner: First off, Kyle, you played your college ball at Texas Tech. What was it like playing in that program?

Kyle Martin: It was a good experience. Going from San Diego out to Texas, I didn't really know what to expect. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I got the chance. I had a lot of fun out there.

RC: You played in rookie ball after you got drafted in Burlington, North Carolina, and then you moved up to the Bees last year. What was it like playing on that team that won the Midwest League Championship?

KM: We had a lot of fun. Winning the championship is always a lot of fun. We had a good group of guys, and a great staff. We had a great year.

RC: You got about 200 at bats last year, but you did very well. What's it take to stay sharp at the plate like that when you're playing sparingly?

KM: I think it was just showing up every day and getting my work in. And when I got the opportunity, I just gave it 100 percent and hoped for the type of results I was looking for. And it worked out.

RC: How would you describe your approach at the plate?

KM: I guess when I'm struggling, I kind of jump at the ball. The more I let the ball travel, the better I am. Just seeing it and hitting it, and trying to get a good fastball to hit. That's what I like to hit is fastballs. So just getting my pitch.

RC: I noticed you've been playing a lot of first base this spring. Is that something the Royals have told you that you'll be playing a lot more of this year?

KM: Not exactly. I don't know exactly what role I'm going to have, but they said "throw the first baseman's glove on, and we might throw you over there," so I'm just going to be prepared for anything.

RC: You've moved all over the field in your time with the Royals. Do you have any preference about what position you play?

KM: I grew up in high school and junior college, and then at Texas Tech, playing primarily shortstop, so that's my most comfortable spot, but I'm getting used to all the spots on the infield.

RC: How do you feel your spring training is going so far?

KM: Good. I started off hitting the ball well, just getting in a groove and getting back into the grind of things. It feels pretty good.

RC: Thanks for talking with me, and good luck with the rest of the year.

KM: Thanks a lot.

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