RC Interview with Wil Myers

The last few days have been a whirlwind for Wil Myers, the Royals third round pick from this year's draft. The 18-year-old catcher, who many experts viewed as a first round talent, signed one of the largest third round bonuses in history on Monday. Less than 48 hours later, he was in the Burlington Royals' lineup. RC was on hand for Myers' debut, and we caught up with him after the game.

Royals Corner: How did it feel making your professional debut tonight?

Wil Myers: It was good. I was excited to be back on the field, since it's been three months since I played my last game. I thought that maybe the work I've been putting in would give me a better game, but I went 0-for-4 tonight. But that's all right. I'm looking forward to our next game on Thursday night, and just trying to get better.

RC: You had quite a contingent of family and friends tonight. How many people were here for you?

WM: I don't know, probably around 20. I knew my family – my parents and grandparents – were coming, and I know some extra guys that came. Some of my close friends were here. So it was a good turnout. I was pretty happy with it.

RC: How far is your home from Burlington?

WM: It's about 35 minutes. I've been coming here all summer, working out with [the B-Royals]. It's not a bad drive at all. But now they've got me staying in a hotel right off the highway, so it's not that bad.

RC: So you've been taking batting practice and working out with the club to keep yourself in baseball shape while you were waiting for your contract to be cleared?

WM: Yeah. It's been good, but I haven't seen live pitching in three months. It was good for me to come do this and just stay in baseball shape.

RC: What was draft day like?

WM: It was okay. I really don't know how to explain it. It was just a really good day for me. I was really honored to be drafted by the Royals.

RC: Did you know the Royals were going to take you, and how everything was going to play out?

WM: I had really hoped so. Them and Boston were my top two picks, just because it's a good organization to be in. They have a really good farm system for developing players. So I was really excited to get in here so I can develop into a better baseball player.

RC: What's your approach at the plate? What type of hitter do you expect to be?

WM: I really have no idea. I was expecting to at least get one hit tonight, but it's okay, there are other days. When I'm up to bat, all I try to focus on is going back up the middle instead of being a dead pull hitter. It helps me stay inside the ball. That's what I did throughout my high school season this year, and it helped me do well there. So hopefully I can take that [approach] out here too.

RC: I know you've moved around a lot defensively, playing up to seven positions as an amateur. It looks like the Royals are going to start you out at catcher?

WM: Yeah, they're gonna start me out back there, because they hope my athleticism will take over. If that doesn't work, I can play any position on the infield that they need me to, except maybe second base. But hopefully it can work out at catcher and I can move my way up.

RC: Is catcher your most comfortable position?

WM: I wouldn't say it's my most comfortable yet, but it's definitely my favorite position to play. I just like being back there and being involved in the game the whole time. Instead of being at third base where you get two or three balls every game, you're involved in every pitch.

RC: So what are your plans and goals for the rest of the year?

WM: It's really just to become a better baseball player. Hopefully that will help me move up through the system quickly.

RC: Thanks for talking with me, and good luck.

WM: Thanks a lot.

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