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Breaking down the Baltimore Orioles All-Time 25-Man Roster

With baseball in the final stages of season's, it's a good time to look down memory lane and visit each teams All-Time team starting with the Baltimore Orioles

At the maximum, there are 9 MLB games remaining in 2016. At the minimum, there could be just five. Either way, the MLB season is winding down, and it's a good time to take looks at other fun parts of baseball such as all-time teams. Over the next few weeks, I'll be covering each team's legendary roster starting with the Baltimore Orioles. Let it be noted, that this is just my own opinion and doesn't necessarily make it the right opinion.

I also didn't get to watch a solid amount of these players, so the players are often based off stats, stories and history. On top of that, players will be only listed with one team. I.E. Ken Griffey Jr. with just the Mariners, not the Reds. Each team will get a 25 man roster, with five starters, seven relievers and 13 hitters. Also important to note that relievers aren't strictly relief pitchers, they are a mix of relievers and starters who didn't make the teams rotation.


1. Cal Ripken Jr. Shortstop

2. George Sisler, First Base

3. Eddie Murray, Designated Hitter

4. Frank Robinson, Right Field

5. Brooks Robinson, Third Base

6. Brady Anderson, Left Field

7. Paul Blair, Center Field

8. Rick Dempsey, Catcher

9. Brian Roberts, Second Base

The Orioles lineup is headlined by the big bats of Eddie Murray and Frank Robinson in the three and four hole, with Cal Ripken Jr. and George Sisler setting the table. Brooks Robinson wasn't known for being a tremendous hitter, but having the greatest defensive player in baseball history manning the hot corner plays to Baltimore's advantage.

The bottom of the lineup features dependable Paul Blair and Rick Dempsey, and the speedy Brian Roberts in the nine hole and who knows? Perhaps Brady Anderson can come out of nowhere with the power he displayed when he hammered 50 home runs and drove in 110 runs in 1996.


1. Jim Palmer

2. Dave McNally

3. Mike Mussina

4. Mike Flanagan

5. Mike Cuellar

The most terrifying part of the Orioles rotation may be that three of the guys won 20 games in the same year in 1971 along with the unlisted Pat Dobson. Cuellar, McNally and the dominant Jim Palmer were the backbone of the Orioles staff in the 70's which included three world series visits, one win and zero losing seasons. Flanagan came along a few years later, but got himself a Cy Young in 1979, as the other three had moved on or slowly declined. Mike Mussina comes from a different era that being the 90's, and was lights out until moving on to the Yankees in 2001.


RP: Zach Britton

RP: Jim Johnson

RP: Milt Pappas

RP: Jack Powell

RP: Dennis Martinez

SU: Scott McGregor

CP: Gregg Olson

The Baltimore bullpen features two recent closers, in Jim Johnson and the untouchable Zach Britton. On top of them, Pappas, Martinez, Powell and McGregor were all starters, who didn't quite make the rotation due to the fact of who they were up against. Gregg Olson only spent five full years in Baltimore, but never recorded any less than 25 saves and never posted an ERA over 3.20. Give this three years or so though, and Zach Britton will easily be Baltimore's closer.


Chris Hoiles, Catcher

Boog Powell, First Base/DH

Mark Belanger, Shortstop

Nick Markakis, Outfield

On the bench, the Orioles have four players, with Eddie Murray being used as DH. Boog Powell has an unfortunate case of luck as despite some great career numbers, he was up against the power of Murray, and the incredible contact of George Sisler. Chris Hoiles just narrowly beat out Andy Etchebarren and Elrod Hendricks thanks largely to his power numbers.

Mark Belanger's fantastic glove and several gold gloves earns him a spot on the bench as a middle infielder. The blade is a starter in a lot of places, but that Ripken fella gets the nod for obvious reasons. Several outfielders had good cases as the extra, but Nick Markakis's tenure and consistency gets him the spot over names such as Adam Jones.

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