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Edwin Encarnacion Fits Cleveland Indians' Lineup

Edwin Encarnacion, the premier Home Run hitter in the AL, is still looking for a city to call home.

It is no surprise that whichever team that lands Edwin Encarnacion will be in good hands offensively. Last year on the Blue Jays, Encarnacion posted impressive numbers, slashing .263/.357/.529, while hitting 42 home runs and driving in 127 runs.

Where will the big bat end up? That is the million dollar question.

Looking at the list of free agents, you see that former Cleveland Indians' first baseman Mike Napoli is still left. It would make sense for the Indians to go after Encarnacion after losing Napoli to free agency. Encarnacion offers a lot of value with his heavy bat, which the Indians need.

How will, Encarnacion fit in the lineup? Being a power hitter, Encarnacion is going to be looked at to do a lot of the damage being one of the few power hitters that the Indians would have on their team, with the exception of Carlos Santana, who hit 34 home runs last season. Santana and Encarnacion would make a deadly combo in a lineup that could give any starting pitcher trouble.

However, who knows how he will do next season, as moving to a new team can sometimes be hard on a player and they might not perform to the best of their abilities. Just look what happened to Chicago Cubs' outfielder Jason Heyward, who moved to a new team and had trouble adjusting to the new system and playing style. At this point, though, it's all in the air, but whichever team Edwin Encarnacion goes to will surely see the power-hitting first baseman flourish. 


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