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Next To 3000 Hits: Los Angeles Angels' Albert Pujols And Texas Rangers' Adrian Beltre

Albert Pujols and Adrian Beltre look to join the 3000-hit club in the 2017 season.

One of the most coveted milestones in all of baseball is reaching the 3000-hit club. It is one where only 30 players have made the list with the last being Miami Marlins' outfielder Ichiro Suzuki — who reached the milestone after hitting a triple that banged off the wall against Colorado Rockies' left-hander Chris Rusin at Coors Field.

This year there will be two more men who will be after their 3000th hit and they are possibly among the game's best hitters — Albert Pujols and Adrian Beltre. Albert Pujols is 175 hits away, which could be attainable. During the 2016 campaign, he racked up 159 hits while playing in 152 games overall. Staying healthy will help Pujols reach another 150-game season (three-year streak) and to have a chance at reaching that plateau this year.

Now for Adrian Beltre, his situation is a little more manageable, being he only needs 58 more hits to reach the monumental 3000-hit club. Last season, he had a superb 175 hits in 153 games played. Even in his 19th big league season, age doesn't seem to take a toll on the slugger that mans the Rangers' hot corner, so it can be expected that he reach 3000 hits before Pujols does, being that he needs significantly less hits then Pujols does, unless he succumbs to injuries.

As said earlier about Pujols the one thing that can either make or break Beltre would be the amount of games he is able to start in. Clearly there should be no worry about his hitting abilities seeing he is one of the most consistent hitters in the game. 

From a play perspective, Albert Pujols could be said to be the better overall hitter, compared to Beltre. Playing two less seasons than Beltre, Pujols leads him in most statistical categories, except for hits. Albert Pujols is most likely one of the best hitters of the modern generation — being the most consistent hitter while keeping injures to a minimum. Players like Pujols don't come around very often, as he is a one-of-a-kind player.

Albert Pujols

2426 1670 2825 602 591 1817 .309 .392 .573 .965

Adrian Beltre

2720 1428 2942 591 445 1571 .286 .338 .480 .818

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