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MLB Trade Ideas, Week 2: Chris Archer, Jose Quintana, Ryan Braun

In’s second installment of our MLB Trade Ideas weekly column, Carmine DiPalma will be offering trade proposals that make sense for both teams based off of recent rumors and speculation.

Welcome to the second week of MLB Trade Ideas. I'm happy to bring this to you guys on a weekly basis. This past week has been relatively quiet, there was a trade offer the Rays turned down which I detailed in my Between the Lines column that I will attempt to refine for both teams involved. Also I'll take a stab at where I think Quintana will be pitching next season. Lastly I'll finish up with a potential landing spot for Ryan Braun.

Here are some trade proposals will be based off of rumors and speculation around the league in that given week and are not locks to happen nor have they necessarily been discussed imminently or at all.

Chris Archer to Astros

Tampa Bay Rays recieve: RHP Francis Martes, RHP David Paulino, RHP Forrest Whitley, OF Daz Cameron, OF Teoscar Hernandez

Houston Astros recieve: RHP Chris Archer

The Astros made the Rays a huge offer for their ace Archer that was denied by the Rays, according to Peter Gammons of MLB Network.

At first glance Astros fans may feel as though their system is getting absolutely gutted and that the offer is too big. However, a similar argument could be made for their first offer to the Astros that included Martes, Paulino, Kyle Tucker and two others. That offer was declined without hesitation which means they will have to do better to bring in a stud like Archer.

The 28-year-old is signed through the 2019 season which gives the Astros the perfect right handed starter to top the rotation along side Dallas Keuchel. The Astros must take advantage of the window they have open and be aggressive flipping prospects for a known and established talent. Further, the Astros seem to be frustrated with the White Sox asking prices for Quintana and may want a righty to go with their southpaw ace.

As for the Rays, they should be absolutely pleased to get this offer from the Astros. This deal would give the Rays three top-100 prospects and the best, third-best, fourth-best, sixth-best and eighth-best in the Astros' farm respectively. This is no offer to laugh at as the Rays are receiving legitimate talent that could give them several young pieces that are affordable for the future which is beneficial considering their limited budget.

Martes and Pauline are pieces that will both be ready this season and have potential to be top of the rotation arms. Whitley needs some more seasoning but is viewed as a high ceiling guy. Cameron and Hernandez are both impressive pieces for the outfield.


Jose Quintana to Pirates

Chicago White Sox recieve: RHP Tyler Glasnow, SS Kevin Newman, RHP Mitch Keller, 3B Will Craig, RHP Clay Holmes

Pittsburgh Pirates recieve: LHP Jose Quintana

According to Rum Banter (FanSided), the Pirates offered the White Sox three prospects in a trade for Jose Quintana.

The fact that a deal is not done yet means the White Sox are probably impressed enough to shake on this deal. That is due largely to the fact that they continue to insist on Austin Meadows being involved in the deal with the Pirates repeatedly declining.

What this deal covers is giving the White Sox five prospects with three of them being top prospects in the organization in Glasnow, Newman and Keller. Craig was the Pirates first pick in last years draft and Holmes is a Tommy John victim making him an intriguing arm and a good lottery pick to round out the deal for the Sox. This will continue to extend their rebuild and allow them to continue stockpiling talent.

As for the Pirates they would add Quintana at a very low cost to a rotation that would already have Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon and Ivan Nova. This would make the Pirates rotation one of the best in the leg and would make them a team with potential to contend. The Pirates have enough depth to do the deal without giving up Meadows or Bell but they will have to do a little more creative work.


Ryan Braun to Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers recieve: OF Yasiel Puig, RHP Brandon McCarthy, RHP Mitchell White

Los Angeles Dodgers recieve: OF Ryan Braun

Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported that although the Dodgers are working on other trades at the moment, they remain a potential fit for Braun. 

It seems as if Ryan Braun always finds his name in trade rumors that prove to be futile. But he is a legitimate fit to join the Dodgers in LA. They are working on other trades at the moment such as a Brian Dozier trade and it is unknown whether or not they would want too or even can add both.

But they have made it known they do not want to enter 2017 with Yasiel Puig as their starting right fielder. Braun will add a veteran and power to the right field spot which will be a nice change considering the immaturity Puig has shown from time to time.

Going to Milwaukee off of the big league roster would be Puig and Brandon McCarthy. Puig had tons of talent which may develop better outside of the bright lights of Los Angeles. With the Brewers having a good system Puig could be part of the next influx of players to create a playoff team in Milwaukee for years to come.

McCarthy could add his leadership to the Brewers rotation and a stopgap for possible rotation hands in the future, as the Dodgers are known to be shopping him. Mitchell White will add a good pitching prospect to the deal who had Tommy John in high school and bounced back in the minors with his strikeout stuff.


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