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MLB Trade Ideas, Week 5: Jose Quintana, Jurickson Profar

In HardballScoop.com’s weekly installment of our MLB Trade Ideas weekly column, Carmine DiPalma will be offering trade proposals that make sense for both teams based off of recent rumors and speculation.

Welcome to the fifth week of MLB Trade Ideas. The MLB Hot Stove has been pretty much dormant recently however we will continue predicting and offering trades here at HardballScoop.com.

Last week, I predicted a trade of David Robertson to the Nationals and it has been reported to have some legs so keep a close eye on that. This week, in an attempt to keep it fresh there will only be two projected trades as the rumors have slowed down a lot.

Here are some trade proposals will be based off of rumors and speculation around the league in that given week and are not locks to happen nor have they necessarily been discussed imminently or at all.


Jose Quintana to Phillies

Chicago White Sox receive: SS JP Crawford, C Jorge Alfaro, OF Nick Williams

Philadelphia Phillies receive: LHP Jose Quintana


The Phillies are in a very unique situation where they are a very young team with a very good farm system and a lot of money to spend. This makes them very dangerous. How dangerous?

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe listed them as a potential landing spot for southpaw Jose Quintana.

Obviously they are not ready to compete just yet but they have made strides towards becoming a good ball club and it is without a doubt adding Quintana to the mix would make them a much better team. Quintana is on a team friendly contract that could extend until after the 2020 campaign for a potential total of $37.85M, which in this day is pretty much chump change especially for a starter with his ability.

However, he will not come cheap. The White Sox have already said that they are looking for a similar package they received for Chris Sale. They obviously will get less but a good one anyway. The Phillies can start conversation up with JP Crawford, a top ten prospect who is very close to Major League ready. An exceptional fielder and hitter, the 2013 draftee was dubbed the best shortstop prospect in all of baseball last season.

Jorge Alfaro is ready to step into a job as a big league catcher as he started to make strides last season for the Phils. His 70 tool for arm strength exemplifies that he possesses one of the best arms in the game at the young age of 23.

Lastly, Nick Williams an outfielder who came over in the Cole Hamels trade is another name that would go to the White Sox. He's an above average runner who has the ability to play CF at the Major League level.

Jurickson Profar to Rays

Texas Rangers receive: LHP Blake Snell

Tampa Bay Rays receive: 2B Jurickson Profar


The Tampa Bay Rays have almost become known for shipping off their young pitchers, but they always do it for talent that is usually a few years away. How about this time they trade a pitcher for Major League ready talent that maybe has not figured it out yet?

Jurickson Profar was once the number one prospect in all of baseball before injuries derailed him. But he is still immensely talented and has the ability to play an above average 2B for a team that has moved Logan Forsythe to the Dodgers. There are some in house options but acquiring Profar would provide a much higher ceiling for sure.

Although Profar has not been a crucial part of the Rangers team recently this does not mean they will just let go of him. The Rangers are looking for pitching and have been said to be in on Quintana and Sale before he was moved. This makes Blake Snell a perfect candidate for them. The southpaw is only 24 years old and pitched to a 3.54 ERA in his first full season in the big leagues. He also struck out 98 batters in 89 innings pitched. Both teams would benefit from this one for one swap of these young players and should definitely think about it.

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