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MLB Trade Ideas, Week 6: Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Derek Norris

In’s weekly installment of our MLB Trade Ideas weekly column, Carmine DiPalma will be offering trade proposals that make sense for both teams based off of recent rumors and speculation.

Welcome to the sixth week of MLB Trade Ideas! Now that we are in the midst of Spring Training, many rumors have slowed down a bunch. Nevertheless, here are some ideas I have based on what is being talked about right now around the Hot Stove.

The first will be a star 3B possibly heading to a big city to cement them as a World Series favorite? For the second I will be taking a look at a catcher who has recently lost his spot due to a free agent signing. Here are some trade proposals will be based off of rumors and speculation around the league in that given week and are not locks to happen nor have they necessarily been discussed imminently or at all.

Todd Frazier to Red Sox

Chicago White Sox receive: UTIL Brock Holt, RHP Ben Taylor

Boston Red Sox receive: 3B Todd Frazier


The Red Sox have built themselves a powerhouse team through free agency and their farm system. They have three aces in their rotation in Chris Sale, David Price and Rick Porcello. Their bullpen is rounded out with All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel. Their lineup consists of several sluggers who will hit over 20 homeruns. With that all being said they have a major question mark at third base in Pablo Sandoval.

Pablo Sandoval had an incredible postseason with the Giants in 2014 which prompted him to sign a big money contact with the Red Sox that offseason. After showing up in camp way overweight and displaying many mental lapses such as using social media in the middle of games the Red Sox were fed up with him. His stats in 2015 were very bad and he sat out most of 2016.

The Red Sox have an opportunity to cement themselves as legitimate World Series favorites should they go after Todd Frazier of the White Sox. Boston has already swung a deal with them this offseason which should help get this one going.

The White Sox are familiar with Boston's farm system. However the first piece will come off the Red Sox MLB roster in Brock Holt. The super utility player who has shown ability the play any position on the diamond at a high level. He has become a fan favorite and could be very useful in Chicago as he will take an every day role.

The Red Sox will also part ways with relief prospect Ben Taylor. Taylor is expected to be in the majors in 2017 after likely starting the season in Double-A. He displays a high spin rate that generates a high swing and miss rate while showing impressive control.

For the Red Sox adding Frazier, a guy who hit 40 homeruns last season with 98 runs batted in, would be a huge get and will without a doubt make them World Series favorites.

Derek Norris to White Sox

Washington Nationals receive: RHP David Robertson

Chicago White Sox receive: C Derek Norris, OF Nick Banks


The Nationals recently signed catcher Matt Wieters which bumped Derek Norris from a starting spot. Jose Lobaton seemed like more depth than anything else and Pedro Severino still has time to develop further into a better catcher as he is a Nationals' top-10 prospect. 

With that being said the White Sox will most likely ask for Severino to try and get another top-10 Prospect from the Nationals which is why talks have stalled a bit. However, I do believe the White Sox will settle for the veteran Norris and they will swing a deal. They will also get outfield prospect Nick Banks who got his feet wet in Short-A last season batting .277 the left hander is known for his gap to gap line drive approach and above average arm.

The Nationals are in dire need of a closer as Shawn Kelley is lined up as of right now for that job which is a clear step down from Mark Melancon last season. However, Kelley in a set up role makes him a solid option there. The Nationals have high hopes for this season so I expect Mike Rizzo to go all out and acquire a closer and this deal makes sense without routing their system. The White Sox will settle because having a very good closer on a bad rebuilding team is counterintuitive.

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