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MLB Trade Ideas, Week 7: Yasiel Puig, Ryan Braun, Josh Harrison

In’s weekly installment of our MLB Trade Ideas weekly column, Carmine DiPalma will be offering trade proposals that make sense for both teams based off of recent rumors and speculation.

With the WBC about a week away, many clubs are using this absence to showcase some young players who could be used as trade bait. Therefore, there are not too many rumors floating around as many teams are also using this time to find out which players will be making the teams.

Here are some ideas I have based on what is being talked about right now around the Hot Stove. The first will be a swap of a young misunderstood but talented outfielder for a veteran outfielder. For the second I will be taking a look at a third basemen who is being actively shopped by his small market ballclub.


Yasiel Puig to Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers receive: LF Ryan Braun

Milwaukee Brewers receive: RF Yasiel Puig


The Brewers and the Dodgers actually talked about this potential deal during the trade deadline frenzy last season. Why not return to the idea of it?

The Brewers are obviously not a very good team and they are trying to rebuild to become a good consistent team. Yasiel Puig is a good young player that sometimes has had anger problems and some growing pains. But he will be forced to grow up in a situation of being the star in a city.

The bright lights of LA and the stars that were on the same team as him allowed him to act out at certain times. However he is a very talented player who has a rocket arm and a good bat. He just needs to find a way to click. 

The Dodgers are tired of Puig as many of the teammates didn't like how he fit on the team and let him know that. The Dodgers are looking for another veteran to put in their outfield and conduct himself well and contribute to the lineup. The Dodgers are a good team looking to make that extra push and finish the season with a parade in Hollywood. This is the move that could do it.

Josh Harrison to Minnesota Twins

Pittsburgh Pirates receive: RHP J.T. Chargois

Minnesota Twins receive: 3B Josh Harrison


The Pirates have been trying to move money elsewhere this entire offseason but have yet to truly do that. This trade gives them a chance to move Josh Harrison to a different team and pick up a lottery pick back in JT. Chargois. Chargois had Tommy John surgery and missed two seasons because of it.

However his 80 fastball tool speaks volumes as to how hard he is able to throw hitting 100 mph and sitting mid 90's. He is projected to start in the Twins' MLB bullpen however if the Pirates could snag him he could be a huge upgrade to their pen.

Josh Harrison truly is a great clubhouse guy who helped a lot to keep it loose and always made people smile in the dugout. On the field he was a good producer and he has the experience of playing several positions.

He would be a good add to the Twins roster as he could push Sano to DH most games which would allow him to accelerate his offensive game. He could also spell Mauer at 1B which is beneficial since he is getting older and has had an injury history in the past. This is a trade that makes sense for both teams without necessarily giving too much up on either side.

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