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MLB Trade Ideas, Week 8: Rob Refsnyder, Melky Cabrera

In’s weekly installment of our MLB Trade Ideas weekly column, Carmine DiPalma will be offering trade proposals that make sense for both teams based off of recent rumors and speculation.

The WBC is underway which gives the MLB teams a chance to check out some depth they may have in their systems. Therefore, players who have not had much consistent playing time, are now getting a chance and a  few teams are deciding they may not have a roster spot this upcoming season. 

Here are some ideas I have based on what is being talked about right now around the Hot Stove. The first will be a swap of a young out of place utility player. For the second, I will be taking a look at a third basemen who is being talked about as the latest trade asset for a rebuilding team. These proposed trades will be based off of rumors and speculation around the league in each given week and are not locks to happen nor have they necessarily been discussed imminently or at all.


Rob Refsnyder to Oakland A's

New York Yankees receive: RHP Andrew Triggs

Oakland Athletics receive: UTIL Rob Refsnyder


Rob Refsnyder and the Yankees are a tale that may finally be coming to an end. It was reported this week that they Yankees are actively listening to offers on him and are willing to trade him. 

Refsnyder never truly found a position with the Yankees and now with the emergence of Clint Frazier, Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres among others he has found himself as the odd man out in both the outfield and infield. Refsnyder has shown a good amount of power in his brief stints with the Yankees and has had a few teams interested in the past. For example the Athletics were interested in him when the Yankees were inquiring on Ben Zobrist so they may have interest in him still. 

In return the Athletics will give up relief pitcher Andrew Triggs. The Yankees bullpen is already pretty good but their rotation is a little shaky so to strengthen one of their best assets is a good move. Triggs had 55 strikeouts in about as many innings last season for the Athletics. His 4.31 ERA is inflated due to his six forced spot starts and not his work in the pen where he would shine on the Yankees. 

Furthermore, Refsnyder has lost a lot of value and may not be worth more than a reliever at this point in time. However he could bloom into a very good 2B or corner outfielder and make this deal look like a steal for the A's. The key to this is the Athletics swinging the deal and cementing him at a position so with reps he can learn and become better defensively.

Melky Cabrera to Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates receive: OF Carlos Tocci, RHP Edgar Garcia

Philadelphia Phillies receive: LF Melky Cabrera


Back to another trade for the rebuilding ChiSox, a deal that sends Melky Cabrera back to the east coast for a few prospects.

This deal makes sense for the Phillies because they are bringing in a veteran outfield bat who has postseason experience evidenced by his two World Series rings. Also he is a good clubhouse presence as a funny guy in the clubhouse and a guy who can mentor young bats like Franco and Herrera. He was the all star game MVP in 2012 and although he got mixed up in the steroid era, he put his mistakes behind him and had a solid 2016 campaign.

Cabrera batted .296 with 86 runs on a White Sox team that struggled. His stats show he played very well despite the overall performance of the team. 

The first piece going to the White Sox in the deal would be OF Carlos Tocci, a prospect who has been very well regarded for his above average defense and his above average speed. Scouts rave about Tocci's ability to put the ball in play and not strike out too often. Next would be Edgar Garcia, the 20-year-old pitcher shows a good fastball-slider combo with a good feel for the strike zone.

This deal is worth it for both teams because the White Sox get more pieces to rebuild while moving an older player. The Phillies get a veteran outfielder to mentor the younger batters while remaining productive at the cost of two lower prospects.

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