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New York Yankees Notes: Will Early Season Struggles Bite Team

The Yankees have started the season 1-2 obviously not the way that they were hoping. Will this bad start bite them in the 2017 season?

The Yankees started off the season against the Rays taking 1 out of 3 starting off the 2017 season with a 1-2 record. Obviously not the way the team or the fans wanted the season to start off especially against a team like the Rays. This might not look like a big deal but will this effect the rest of the 2017 season?

First of all the Yankees have not won an Opening Day since 2011. This means absolutely nothing especially with a younger team nerves might be the issue. If you look back in history the Yanks are 76-39-1 on Opening Day (Yes their were ties in baseball). Also in history the Yankees in 1998 won 114 games after starting the season 0-3 worse than the Yankees current record. With all this said does the loss of Opening Day or Opening Series take a toll on a team? 

In some cases yes but it doesn't have enough to drag on for an entire season. Which brings me to my next point. Unlike football their is lots of games 162 to be exact. When the season is all said and done positive or negative these first three games will not end up having a factor. 

Another reason is that this team is filled with young players who are still very knew to the game. Opening Day nerves are very likely. This has also stemmed back to the slumps of Bird, Sanchez, and Holliday who are supposed to be the prime hitters for the Yankees. Those three are hitting a combined 4 for 37 in the first 3 games. This could be the main root for concern rather than the loss. These 3 will be one of the determining factors in making or breaking the Yankees season. 

Another factor is the struggle of Masahiro Tanaka struggles on Opening Day. Since joining the Yankees and having his first opening day start in 2015 he has always struggled. It didn't effect the Yankees at all. In the middle of the season players may be injured and that can cause more of a problem for teams.

The first few games can effect teams but it depends on the team that you have and the leaders on it. The fans and the players should not be worried at all as the Yankees are still adjusting to their new younger team. Only the players can decide what happens for the Yankees in 2017 and the talent should lead them hopefully to the playoffs and beyond.

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