New York Yankees Notes: Kyle Higashioka Should Be Given Chance To Start

Can Kyle Higashioka finally shine?

In yesterday's loss to the Baltimore Orioles the loss wasn't the worst thing that happened. Star catcher Gary Sanchez went down with a strained right bicep. Their isn't any timetable for his return but the speculation is that it will be close to a month. With this the Yankees called up Kyle Higashioka from Triple A-Scranton. Neither him or Romine won't come close to bringing the offensive or defensive production that Sanchez brought but they are still decent catchers.

Romine will be the starter and Higashioka will be the backup as long as Sanchez is out. I believe that the amount of production from these two could even make that order change. Higashioka had lots of success in Triple-A and Double-A in 2016. Between the two he hit .276 with 21 home runs and 81 runs batted in. Their aren't many great offensive catchers left and if Higashioka can hit like this in the big leagues he will easily become a solid major league catcher.

Higashioka has never been on the prospect radar and still isn't on the Yankees Top 30 Prospects but his 2016 season has caught the eye of the team and the fans and has earned him the call up. If you look at stats Austin Romine is a decent catcher both offensively and defensively. Higashioka has never played in the Major League level so you can't automatically translate his Minor League stats and expect them to translate but it does give a vision. Romine obviously has the edge in experience but Higashioka still could make an edge.

The question is would the Yankees make the change to put Higashioka over Romine? I think yes especially since the Yankees are going for a younger team. Romine is still pretty young but we have already seen him for multiple years and we'd like to see somebody else put their name in the ring for the backup catcher. Romine will obviously start off as the starting catcher but when a day after night game comes Higashioka will get his chance to play.

It will be hard to get hot when you aren't playing on a full time basis but Higashioka will have to work with what he was given. Girardi is usually a manager where if you have a good game you can play the next day so he will have to prove himself with the opportunity. Only time will tell whether he takes success and runs with it or plays like a backup catcher.

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