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Miami Marlins Notes: Tom Glavine Interested In Team's Purchase

The Hall of Fame member is working alongside a financial group led by the son of Mitt Romney, who ran for office in 2012.

Jeffrey Loria isn’t short on offers if he decides to accelerate the sale of the Miami Marlins as to finish it sooner. Just a few days ago it was known that Jeb Bush, ex-governor of the state of Florida, and Derek Jeter joined forces to give the Florida based team’s owner a substantial offer to buy the Marlins. Since then, though, plenty of other candidates have arisen to compete with the ex-governor and the ex-New York Yankees shortstop’s offer.

A report by Bloomberg pointed out, on Saturday, that Tom Galvine, member of the Hall of Fame, has joined the race to purchase the Marlins. The ex-Atlanta Braves’ pitcher receiver an offer from Tagg Romney, ex-US presidency candidate Mitt Romney’s son, who’s also the co-founder of Solamere Capital and one of the main buyers looking to acquire the Marlins, along with the Cy Young award winner in that team.

Taking that into account, it is believed that the current Marlins valuation fluctuates between $1.2 and $1.6 billion, even though this information doesn’t come from any official sources.

Wayne Rothbaum is among those who challenge the Jeter-Bush and Glavine-Romney partnerships. Rothbaum is a financier resided in New York. These are all the known potential candidates that have stepped up to buy the franchise so far, although it is believed Loria has more offers on the table.

It is important to remember that, in order for the purchase to go through, every other MLB team owner has to give the green light got it. This could be facilitated by the inclusion of Jeter and Glavine in the new management team of the Marlins.

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