Texas Rangers Notes: No Timetable Available For Adrain

The third baseman suffered an injury in his calf that has kept him out of any activity this season. The Texas Rangers don’t know when he will be available to play again.

Adrian Beltre has been exercising on a treadmill that doesn’t allow his right knee to carry any of his body weight. That’s where he has an injury that has kept him away from the field so far this season with the Texas Rangers, and they still don’t know when the Dominican could make his debut in 2017.

Jeff Banister told the Dallas Morning News that the third baseman has an edema causing him pain in his calf. This hasn’t allowed him to properly exercise on the baseball diamond, which is very concerning news for a player that was expected to be back by early April, before suffering a setback just 48 hours prior to his removal from the disabled list. 

"We've kind of gotten to the point where we didn't see the progression in results that we wanted, so we thought it would be best to take a step back," Banister said to the Dallas Morning News. "We are trying to get to a point where the soreness and the edema is out of there. It's getting better, but it's not where we expected it to be. So, we're still in rehab and treatment mode”.

There isn’t any timetable set for Beltre’s return. This report also suggests that the Rangers refused to make any comments on whether he will need to play in the minors to get back in shape or not, before joining his new club, a very plausible development. The Texan outfit will keep tracks on his progress during the next few days to evaluate the situation.

In the meantime, Joey Gallo will keep playing the third base. Even though his .222 AVG isn’t quite charming, his .612 slugging average does manage to draw attention. This has him as the leader in the American League with seven home runs blasted through 21 games. He also has 16 runs batted in, but 27 strikeouts, as well, during the same period.

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