Rookies on the Rise: Tim Tebow

Carmine DiPalma of will showcase a prospect weekly that could make the jump to the next level in his newest column.

Welcome to the first ever column of Rookies on the Rise! This week I will talk about whether or not Tim Tebow is deserving of a promotion to the next level. Former NFL quarterback, now Mets' outfield prospect Tim Tebow is making a case for a promotion.

Many critics called Tim Tebow a seat seller and nothing more than a gimmick. Several critics were actually mad about the fact that he was signed by an MLB team at all saying he would never make it and that he has no business in baseball. These people may not be wrong but it is precisely this that could get him to the next level.

Although his experience is limited to only 39 games at Low-A, there is true merit to moving him up a level to High-A.

As of right now Tebow is batting .226 with three home runs and 14 runs batted in. These stats alone are not good enough to justify a move to a higher level. However the Mets would be wise to do so because of the money that is attached to a Tebow promotion. The Mets have seen a huge boost in ticket and apparel sales since Tebow signed. Many fans want to see Tebow play in person.

Since the Mets own the St. Lucie Mets they will reap the benefits of Tebow moving to the next level. This could be the driving force behind a promotion for Tebow but it could also be a good thing for his career as well.

A bump to a harder level can offer the Mets a real opportunity to see if Tebow has legitimate tools. It was reported  that the Mets have been talking internally about a Tebow promotion and for these reasons it makes sense.

Potential Lineup:

  1. CF John Mora

  2. SS J.C. Rodriguez

  3. 3B Jhoan Urena

  4. RF Wulimer Becerra

  5. 1B Peter Alonso

  6. DH Jose Garcia

  7. LF Tim Tebow

  8. C Dan Rizzie

  9. 2B Vinny Siena

This is a lineup that could work for St. Lucie, as Nick Sergakis has not been lighting it up lately and the Mets could give Tebow a crack at it. Tebow has batted in the eight hole recently so he figures to be somewhere around the same spot. He will see plenty of fastballs in this spot in the order which could help boost his power numbers.

This is a move the Mets should make as it will boost sales at a level that allows the Mets to boost their profit off of the Tebow signing. Also since it has been internally discussed the idea has some merit and it allows the Mets to decide whether or not Tebow can make it with his tools.

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