Trade Analysis: A's Land Value For Ziegler

There were far more earth shattering moves leading up to this year's trade deadline than the deal that sent Brad Ziegler to the Arizona Diamondbacks. But, quite often a situational reliever can make a significant impact on a playoff race. Ziegler has that type of ability. But, the A's also did a solid job of bringing back some decent talent in return.

In a world where relievers and their performances seem to change year to year, Brad Ziegler is a valuable commodity. He's been very consistent since arriving in the big leagues and his deception would figure to give him success regardless of what league he's pitching in. With all that said, there's no reason to expect that he won't continue to have success as a Diamondback. But, Arizona certainly had to pay a price.

First, there's Brandon Allen. Allen has struggled with his strikeout rates throughout his career, but his power stroke is just too significant to ignore. He slugged 25 home runs in Triple-A last season and has hit 18 long balls this year. There's some length to his swing and he's experienced some serious growing pains when he's come up to the big leagues in the past, but this is a 25-year-old lefty slugger worth remaining patient with.

The other player Oakland received from Arizona is lefty reliever, Jordan Norberto. He's had some big league experience in the past and one thing to note about him is his fastball. He sits between 92-96 mph and he's a swing and miss type pitcher against lefties when he's right. His low 80s curveball also shows good potential.

Considering what Oakland traded was just a situational reliever, admittedly a very good one, the A's have to be very happy with the talent they received from Arizona. They landed a pitcher who could also be a solid situational pitcher and a left-handed bat with massive power potential.

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