Scouting Playoff Pitchers: CC Sabathia

Starting pitchers are perhaps the biggest factor in whether a team succeeds in the postseason. For that reason, some of the most detailed scouting reports teams have are compiled on these opposing starters. Here's a look at what playoff opponents will see from Yankee starter, CC Sabathia.


Fastball: 93-96 MPH
Changeup: 86-89 MPH
Slider: 80-84 MPH
Curveball: 78-80 MPH

The Skinny: Sabathia relies heavily on his changeup. He has a plus-plus fastball and his velocity has been outstanding down the stretch, but look for his changeup command early in games. It's a good indicator of how he'll perform throughout the night.

If he's forced to his use slider more often, it's a much trickier pitch for him to locate with consistency. When he's right, he's threading the needle on the outside corner against righties with his plus changeup.

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