Scouting Playoff Pitchers: Kyle Lohse

Starting pitchers are perhaps the biggest factor in whether a team succeeds in the postseason. For that reason, some of the most detailed scouting reports are compiled on these opposing starters. Here's a look at what playoff opponents will see from Cardinals' starter, Kyle Lohse.


Fastball: 89-91 MPH
Changeup: 78-81 MPH
Slider: 82-84 MPH
Curveball: 73-76 MPH

The Skinny: Kyle Lohse does not possess the fastball he once had in the early days of his career. But, he's become much more crafty as an older pitcher. He still has an outstanding changeup, a pitch that gets him swings and misses as well as groundballs.

Lohse needs to be careful about locating his slider and curveball, as these pitches will get him into trouble if starts to hang them. The same can be said for his fastball. He does not have the velocity to make mistakes in the zone.

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