Scouting Playoff Pitchers: Roy Halladay

Starting pitchers are perhaps the biggest factor in whether a team succeeds in the postseason. For that reason, some of the most detailed scouting reports are compiled on these opposing starters. Here's a look at what playoff opponents will see from Phillies' starter, Roy Halladay.


Fastball: 91-94 MPH
Cutter: 90-92 MPH
Curveball: 76-79 MPH
Split-Change: 81-84 MPH

The Skinny: No starting pitcher in baseball is as creative with his fastball as Roy Halladay. And, what he does is essentially create a scissor effect. Hitters have to honor two different types of fastballs, one that cuts and one that runs and sinks in the opposite direction. Most of his attack is based on the tremendous movement on those two pitches and his impeccable location.

When he's spotting his plus downer curveball and split-changeup that's when we see those near unhittable performances. Most of Halladay's pitches look the same coming out of his hand, making him an impossible assignment for a hitter.

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