MLB Winter Meetings: Day 1 Analysis

DALLLAS, Texas -- The hot stove wasn't exactly burning red hot on the first day of the winter meetings in Dallas, but there was certainly not a complete lack of activity. The Marlins made it official with their new closer in Heath Bell, and also dominated the day's discussions with the signing of Jose Reyes.

- Cuban star, Yoenis Cespedes may not be officially available to Major League clubs but that hasn't slowed the rumor mill. Early buzz from Dallas is that his asking price of double what Aroldis Chapman received may not be all that unrealistic. Although most industry sources agree that it's somewhat high, many also believe he will have no problem getting over $50 million. And, the belief is that the New York Yankees' will be perhaps the most aggressive bidder for his services

- Albert Pujols' flirtation with the suddenly aggressive Miami Marlins could be the most fascinating story of the winter meetings thus far. Whether anything becomes of the talks between the two sides or not, it's been an intriguing story to follow. While it still seems far fetched, many baseball people are not entirely dismissive of the Marlins' chances. A return to St. Louis still seems like the most likely scenario, but Pujols and the Marlins is seeming like less of a preposterous scenario by the day.

- Overall, the reaction around the lobby in Dallas seemed fairly negative regarding the Jose Reyes signing. Most industry sources agreed that Reyes would likely be an asset for Miami, but the criticism came over his $106 million price tag. And, this criticism isn't unwarranted. As talented as the former Met clearly is, this type of contract length should be reserved for far more durable players.

- The market appears to be heating up for Mark Buehrle. And, this may have a lot to do with the high price tag of the other top lefty on the market, C.J. Wilson. Teams like Washington, Miami, and maybe even Texas view Buehrle as the far cheaper alternative with a potentially similar level of production. By all indications, it also seems that Buehrle could be a free agent that goes off the board fairly soon.

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