Marlins Pay Up For Buehrle

DALLAS, Texas -- The Marlins continue to keep themselves in the headlines this week in Dallas. Perhaps they will lose out on Albert Pujols, but they've now landed left-hander, Mark Buehrle. But, whether or not they got a good deal for his services is the big question.

There's very little reason to believe that Mark Buehrle won't have continued success in the National League. He tends to defy some of the advanced metrics and that trend should continue pitching in the NL East. But, was $58 million over four years too much for the veteran southpaw?

The market tells us how much these pitchers should be going for and going by that alone, Miami paid just about the correct price for Buehrle. On the other hand, he's incredibly unlikely to have similar success in the latter part of this contract. In other words, the Marlins might be happy in the first couple years of this deal, but may regret it in the latter two.

In the short term, adding a veteran presence like Buehrle to a young staff can only help. His influence on the rest of the staff will be overwhelmingly positive and he should be an innings eater in 2012.

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