Brewers Land Bargain In Ramirez

The Brewers have suffered through a difficult off-season, particularly in the past few days, but Milwaukee fans now have reason to be happy with the signing of Aramis Ramirez. Not only will the third baseman be a productive part of the lineup, but he also came with a very reasonable price tag.

Given today's free agent market, $36 million typically doesn't buy what it use to. But, what it got the Milwaukee Brewers was a proven run producing third baseman in Aramis Ramirez. It seems that Ramirez is healthy once again, and most baseball people agree that when he's healthy he's as consistent as they come when it comes to driving in runs.

Although it feels like Ramirez has been in baseball for an eternity, he's still just 33-years-old. The Brewers committed to him for just three years, so in all likelihood they should still be getting the best version of him for most of those three years. Given what a 25 home run, 100 RBI type bat typically costs on the open market this is a steal and a half for the Brewers.

With Ryan Braun's 50 game suspension and Prince Fielder's departure looming, Ramirez could find himself stepping into a major role in Milwaukee's lineup in 2012. And, while he's not Ryan Braun, I expect him to put up prime Aramis Ramirez type numbers, and that could be enough to keep their lineup afloat.

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