Rollins' Deal A Favorable One For Philly

There are some who will criticize the money given to Jimmy Rollins, given his apparent drop in production in recent years. But, when giving full consideration to the position he plays and the money thrown around for premium position players, the deal can only be viewed as a positive for all involved.

Yes, Jimmy Rollins likely got a bit more money than he deserved at this point in his career. But, there is a thing called the market that needs to taken into account. Earlier this off-season, Jose Reyes set that market in a big way by signing for over $100 million with the Marlins.

Rollins obviously is not at the same stage in his career as Reyes and he wasn't going to even flirt with those types of numbers. However, the second Reyes signed that deal, Rollins' value did go up. $33 million over three years is nothing to sneeze at, but it's more than fair for what the 33-year-old figures to give Philadelphia. He'll likely continue to decline mildly in the coming years, but the contract is nothing that will bog the organization down and he'll still be at least a fairly productive player.

Another thing an organization has to consider is how to replace a player if they let him walk. Rollins has his shortcomings, but trying to fill his role at a similar price was not necessarily feasible in this off-season or even the next off-season. Both sides should come away very pleased with this deal.

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