Scouting Prospect #28: Dellin Betances

We recently released our annual top 100 prospects list here at, and to follow that up we will be providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on select prospects from that list over the course of the off-season. Here's a scouting report on prospect #28 from that list, Dellin Betances.

Name: Dellin Betances
Position: Pitcher
Team: New York Yankees
Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 260
Bats/Throws: R/R

Events Scouted: MiLB Season

Physical Description

Betances' size will always be the first thing people notice about him. At 6-foot-8, he's not one of these typical long, lanky pitchers. He's also extremely broad and strongly built. He's not a fantastic athlete, but his sheer size and strength bode well for durability.


Mechanics will be something Betances and his extra large frame will always need to battle. But, for the most part he does a good job of keeping things in check. He produces an outstanding downhill plane, while still maintaining a good drive off his back leg. He stays tall over the rubber and uses a slight hip turn to keep his weight back. Betances' also has a long, smooth arm action, which makes it seem like the ball is getting on hitters even faster than it is.


Few pitchers truly have fastballs capable of consistently missing bats. Betances has that type of fastball because of his extension toward home plate and of course his plus velocity. He sits steadily around 93-95 mph and consistently tops out at 96-97 mph. He still has a tendency to lose his release point and his fastball command suffers, but the problem has shown improvement in the last year.


A big problem for Betances is getting to his secondary pitches, and his best one is his curveball. He's still falling behind in too many counts at this stage in his career. If he can attack early with his fastball, he can become nearly unhittable when hitters need to fear his breaking ball. He throws it at 81-83 mph with late 12-6 bite. It's a true plus offering when he has his release point in check.


Since returning from arm trouble a couple years ago, the changeup has become a far more usable weapon for Betances. It's now a solid-average offering for him and he even shows a willingness to use it early on in counts. Thrown at 82-85 mph it has more than enough differential to produce some swings and misses as well.


It's all about consistency and command for Dellin Betances. He has two clear cut plus pitches and a third very quality one in his changeup. And, his size gives him an element of deception that's difficult to match. But, he's still learning on the job how to manage his delivery and maintain a level of consistency. If he continues to refine his command, we're looking at a big leaguer potentially comparable to Josh Beckett.

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