Scouting Prospect #19: Carlos Martinez

We recently released our annual top 100 prospects list here at, and to follow that up we will be providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on select prospects from that list over the course of the off-season. Here's a scouting report on prospect #19 from that list, Carlos Martinez.

Name: Carlos Martinez
Position: Pitcher
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 165
Bats/Throws: R/R

Event Scouted: Futures Game

Physical Description

Carlos Martinez is not an overly physically imposing pitcher. He's generously listed at six feet tall, but is built very strong and is well proportioned. He's wiry and athletic with some room to grow particularly in his lower half. Despite his lack of height, he appears to have long arms. This is fast twitch type athlete that just so happens to pitch.


It doesn't take very long to notice the electrifying velocity that Martinez brings to the hill. He works steadily at 94-98 mph, and he's able to hold this velocity quite well as a starter. He has a long, loose arm action and uses his lower half very effectively. So, despite his lack of size, I wouldn't be overly concerned about long term durability. The velocity appears to be coming with ease. Martinez also gets a lot of running action in on the hands of righties. So, not only are we looking at plus velocity, but plus life as well.


It's not hard enough to be a true slider but it's pretty close. So for now we'll stick to calling it a curveball with two plane action. Either way, it looks like a plus offering. Right now the command is undeveloped and he missed to his arm side frequently in this outing. Once he gets his release point down, this will be a consistent swing and miss pitch.


Martinez doesn't feature the changeup often yet and that includes his Futures Game outing. He throws it in the low 80s, but right now we'll have to see a larger sample size in order to evaluate it.


At his best, Martinez is an up tempo, aggressive pitcher with two plus pitches. For an inexperienced pitcher he has an impressive mound demeanor and a relatively advanced approach. The framework for a front end starter doesn't get much better than this with two plus pitches already in place. Right now, he just needs innings and experience.

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