Oakland Lands Cespedes At Reasonable Price

The Yoenis Cespedes sweepstakes seemed to be endless this off-season. In the time we waited for him to be unblocked, there were plenty of rumors about his price tag and his abilities on the field. On Monday, the Oakland A's ended the mystery about his price tag, signing him for $36 million over four years. Now, the only questions remaining are how good will he be and did Oakland get a good deal

The early industry consensus is yes, the Oakland A's got themselves quite a reasonable deal on Yoenis Cespedes. Some early estimates had the Cuban star potentially receiving over $60 million in free agency. Oakland landed him for over $20 million less than that. And, a four year deal deal for a 26-year-old player is about as safe as you can get in a free agent deal.

"They got a pretty special talent," said one scout with first-hand knowledge of Cespedes. "He's probably not a completely finished product but the tools speak for themselves. And, they didn't overpay."

This is the type of reaction the signing is getting around the game. Oakland was fiscally responsible here, and at the same time took the right type of high upside gamble a small market team needs to take in order to be successful. No one will criticize them if Yoenis Cespedes doesn't pan out. They didn't spend wildly and the Cuban outfielder is pretty universally liked by scouts around the game.

Obviously, spending this type of money, Oakland would like to see Cespedes in right field on Opening Day. His athleticism is all-world and his raw power is plus-plus, but we'll have to see just how ready his hit tool might be for big league action. But, most scouts seem to agree that he should be able to make the adjustment.

Given his age, you can't treat Cespedes like a typical prospect. However, if we were to grade him as a prospect, he would be placed at #17 on our Scout.com Top 100 Prospects list, behind Pirates' prospect, Jameson Taillon.

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