2012 Draft Scouting Report: Kyle Zimmer

Scouting reports are the foundation of the talent evaluation system, and the reports that are used on draft day are developed from multiple viewings over the course of an amateur career. As part of our 2012 draft coverage here at Scout.com, we're providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on the names you need to know on draft day. Here's a look at college pitcher, Kyle Zimmer.

Name: Kyle Zimmer
Position: Pitcher
School: San Francisco
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 220
Bats/Throws: R/R

Events Scouted: Cape Cod League

Physical Description

Zimmer is a prototype. He has the length you like to see from a big league pitcher as well as the strength. He will likely add some mass to his upper body in the coming years, but for the most part he's very physically mature already. Zimmer is also a superb overall athlete.


The arm speed Zimmer has is just tremendous. There's some drifting going on at times out of his balance point, but for the most part he's relatively consistent when it comes to his delivery.


Although he's been as high as 98-99 mph this spring, expect to see Zimmer mostly at 91-95 mph and reaching 96 now and then. That's where he lived last summer and where he's settled into later this spring. It's a lively, swing and miss type fastball but he'll have to tighten up his command at the professional level.


Zimmer's curveball very consistently flashes plus potential, but the consistency isn't quite there yet. It should come in time, however. Thrown at 78-83 mph, it's a hard breaking 12-6 hammer. Reportedly, he's thrown it even harder at times this spring, reaching as high as 85 mph at times. He also mixes a slider, but clearly the curveball is his go-to breaking ball.


A vastly improved offering, Zimmer's changeup now profiles as a solid-average big league offering. Thrown at 84-87 mph, he clearly has the differential and he sells it very well.


Slightly more raw than some of the other top college arms you'll see, what you are signing up for is Zimmer's huge upside. He has the power arsenal to pitch at the front of a good big league rotation. How consistent he can be with his command remains to be seen. His realistic ceiling is that of a number two starter, but with further improvements he could be that number one type guy.

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