Scouting Cody Buckel

Cody Buckel's ascent up the minor league ladder thus far has been a near flawless one. This weekend he will be making his debut at the Double-A level to take on his next challenge. National Baseball Expert, Frankie Piliere, was on hand for Buckel's final High-A appearance on Tuesday in the Carolina/California League All-Star game and has the latest scouting report on the right-hander.

Cody Buckel

Position: Pitcher
Organization: Texas Rangers
Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 170
Bats/Throws: R/R
Event Scouted: High-A All-Star Game

Expert's Take:

The first thing you notice about Buckel is his fastball life. The radar gun readings are impressive, as he lived at 91-94 mph in his All-Star outing, but it's his ability to put the fastball by bats and create some awkward swings that make him who he is. He's also willing to mix in a wrinkle to his fastball, with a cutter at 87-90 mph. And, it's his conviction and command of these two variations of his fastball that impresses scouts the most.

Buckel also showed a better curveball in this outing that what I've seen from him in the past. Working at 78-80 mph, he was able to drop it in for strikes on the outside corner pretty consistently. Given the short nature of this particular outing, Buckel didn't get to showcase his quality changeup, but his arsenal depth is indeed major strength.

Command is what separates pitchers when they advance to Double-A. Buckel clearly has that and is quite ready for that leap.

- Frankie Piliere

Scout Quote:

"You have to think about his height and it's an issue, but his stuff is plus. His secondaries are refined now and I think his velocity is going to sit 91-93 deep in outings. That's not so much of a concern for me now. He's really come faster than I think some people expected. His command wasn't perfect tonight but it's been pretty good overall."

Ceiling: #3 Starter (6)

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