Phils Land Quality Young Arms for Victorino

All good things must come to an end, and it appears that the Philadelphia Phillies are now willing to admit that. On Tuesday, they sent mainstay outfielder, Shane Victorino, to the Dodgers in exchange for Josh Lindblom and Ethan Martin. If the Phillies want to get back to the top in the next few years, it will start with a youth movement. Arms like Lindblom and Martin will help that movement

This was the move to make for the Philadelphia Phillies. Victorino is 31-years-old, and for an athletic, speed style player, he gave the Phillies what were likely his best years already. As a rental for the Dodgers, he'll also fit very nicely. He's still a very dangerous stolen base threat and brings a lot to the table defensively.

In the scheme of things, however, this deal is ultimately more important for the Phillies. It's a signal for their transition as an organization, and the young arms they acquired are a good first step in the right direction. The core of their once dominant team is aging, and their farm system needs to be built up again after years of using it mainly for trade purposes.

Let's begin with Josh Lindblom. He's not a prospect anymore of course, but the 25-year-old reliever is the type of affordable young arm most organizations would like to have in their bullpen. His stuff is very good, but one major concern does come to mind with him in a Phillies' uniform. He is what you might call an extreme fly ball pitcher. In Citizens Bank Park, that could spell major trouble.

But, the really intriguing part of this deal is Ethan Martin. Martin has had his struggles on and off before this season, but he really seems to have found something. His stuff has always been superb, with a fastball that sits around 92-94 mph and a plus power curveball. Martin still has a ways to go with his command, but he's the type of power arm you take a chance on. And, the Phillies are taking a chance on him when he appears to be coming into his own.

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